Blind Traditional Body & Foot Reflexology

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Approximately 10 minutes walk from KL Sentral, near the YMCA building, there is a government massage training centre in Brickfields. There are a few blind massage centres in that vicinity. Generally blind massage centres are cheaper with their charges. We would like to introduce you the Blind TMC Massage centre, owned by Mr.Kenny Ng. It has been opened for about 5 years. Kenny Ng has ben in this business for about 20 years. The secret is because of his talentd skills. Morever, the shop is very clean and the massage rooms are fully air-conditioned.

“Blind Massage Style is a mixture of Chinese, Taiwan, Japan & Thai styles” joked Kenny. Basically a lady masseur does the massage for ladies and a man masseur does the massage for men. Kenny’s wife, Jenny, often does the massage for lady customers. However, lady customers can also request for Kenny’s massage if they wish to.

With the customer face downwards, the massage starts from the back, then it continues from the legs to the waist, and finally to facing upward till the face. Next, it comes to the massage for the head and shoulders. Massage doesn’t just get rid of the uncomfortable feeling of the body, it also helps to reduce stress and tiredness. It seems that some sicknesses can even be cured by massage.

Blind TMC Massage Centre has two single rooms, two bedrooms with two beds, and one bedroom with 3 beds. There is also a room equipped with 4 beds so you can even bring your family! Their fee is RM40 pr hour, RM80 for two hours, and so on.

Expats, for your information, Blind massagers are highly sought after with people believing thy have a higher degree of sensitivity in their touch.

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