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7atenine’s Refreshing New Menu

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This award winning restaurant and supper club makes it a point to keep with the changing trends in the gastronomic world by refreshing their menu every once in a while. But this year, the chef has decided that he will not only refresh the menu, he will also take it to a whole new level; dining without a menu.

Chef Kamurul San has been in the culinary industry for 15 years. His passion for food, especially Japanese food, has resulted in a truly unique way of dining at 7atenine, which is the Seven Course Degustation Dinner. This dinner, which is available every day, has no menu.  Instead, Chef Kamarul will create the meal according to ingredients available to him each day. So being surprised is part of the degustation experience at 7atenine.

“I love the intrigue, every day I walk into the kitchen and leaf through the fresh foods that have come in and I start to be inspired. I then make my big mug of coffee, grab my notebook and begin doodling. Ideas sometimes come quickly and at other times the light bulb may just light up as I begin cooking. And I love how the patrons badger me to reveal the menu to them, but I refuse, it’s all part of the fun,” says Chef Kamarul with a cheeky smile.

The Degustation Dinner takes place at Sevenspoons, which is on the mezzanine floor of 7atenine. Besides the surprise dinner, one can also choose to order other dishes. Some of the new dishes on offer are; Eel Fried Rice, Mustard Salmon and Tomato Cilantro Salad.

If you’d like something more predictable, but still exquisite, then head on down to Social Dining, and order a variety of dishes from the Social Dining menu. The new, must try dishes on the menu are; Yellow Tail Sashimi, Scallop Trio, Deep Fried Tuna Tartar and Kebab Burger amongst others.  

If you’d like a cocktail to go along with your meal, well, 7atenine’s mixologists have a selection of new cocktails for you to try, such as Tokyo Tea, Livorno Mojito, Squashed Frog and a number of boutique detox juice.

So if you’re one of those indecisive diners who takes forever to order your meal, or if you just like a little surprise every once in a while, then head on down to 7atenine for Chef Kamarul’s unique Seven Course Degustation Dinner.

For more information on 7atenine, visit their website at, or call them at 03 2161 7789.

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