Malaysia Ranked As Best Place To Retire In South East Asia

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Malaysia is the best place in South East Asia to retire, according to an annual survey published this week.

The International Living magazine’s ‘Best Place in the World to Retire’ report ranks Malaysia as the top country in the region, and ranks it 19th globally. Thailand is ranked at 25th spot and is the second best place to retire in the region.
The survey assessed a number of factors to produce the ranking. Real estate, including pricing, value for money and ease of buying for foreigners, made up 15 per cent of the weighting.
Steenie Harvey, speaking to Property Report on behalf of the publishers, said: “One of Malaysia’s strengths is that it offers the Malaysia My Second Home retirement program. And, unlike elsewhere in the region, foreigners aren’t solely restricted to buying condos – they can also purchase landed property.”
Harvey added: “There’s also no need to learn a foreign language. Once part of the British Empire, Malaysia is a multicultrural melting pot of Malays, Chinese and Indians. English serves as a second language.
The cost of living, whilst lower than Europe and the United States, is not as low as other countries in the region, and the fact it’s a majority Muslim country also deters many Western investors, according to the publishers.
Thailand’s strengths, according to Harvey, include a wide choice of locations and really low day-to-day costs, especially away from tourist beach resorts. Drawbacks here include the fact that foreign buyers are restricted to condominiums, the political turmoil of recent years, and the country’s reputation in the minds of some potential retirees as a sex tourism destination.
Top of the list for the second year running is Ecuador.
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