Alice Smith Accredited as a British School Overseas and Top of the World Award

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The long-awaited British School Overseas (BSO) inspection devised by the Department for Education (DfE) for England has finally arrived in Malaysia.

The purpose of BSO inspection is to inform parents of pupils in British schools overseas how standards in their school measure up when compared against a common set of standards applied to independent schools in Britain. Prior to BSO inspections there was no clear, standardised means of inspecting British schools overseas. This serves as an aid for comparison with other schools in the region and in the UK.

In the recent inspection by Tribal Education, one of the six approved inspectorates of DfE, the Alice Smith School passed the inspection with flying colours and is now an accredited British School. ALice Smith is one of the first schools in Malaysia and one of the earliest in Southeast Asia and wider afield to obtain this accreditation.

The Secondary Campus at Equine Park was assessed as being Excellent, Grade 1 and the Primary Campus at Jalan Bellamy was assessed as being Good, Grade 2. The school is well on the way to achieving its vision of being a consistently outstanding school by 2015. “The students are provided with an outstanding British education that prepares them very successfully for an international future. The school meets all the requirements for British schools overseas,” said Sheila Nolan, the Senior Inspector for Tribal Education.

She added “The broad curriculum of the school offers outstanding opportunities for the students to grow and mature in their academic work. There is excellent provision for enrichment activities, ranging from sporting activities to whole-school projects, productions and overseas visits.

The school has also ended the year in another high note as its secondary students were recently awarded by the University of Cambridge International Examinations Board, the best performing students in the world and in Malaysia in the recent June 2011 IGSCE examination. For two years in a row, our students have been awarded Top in the World for Additional Mathematics.

Source: The Expat January 2012 Issue

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