Webeducation: Changing Lifestyles and Finances

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One of the most highly acclaimed MBA professors in the US from UC Berkeley is Ken Tachibana, an executive with numerous Fortune 500 companies. He evaluated the Emerald Passport state of the art online financial and personal growth wealth education program for its content and value arriving at a grade of A+. He states that as a student and teacher of business he knows of no business school where these “pearls of wisdom” are taught.(Tachibana, K., May, 2005

February 14, 2006 — Emerald Passport, a 15-year-old publishing company and pioneer in “Webucation”, has developed a 21st century education innovation that truly delivers – a web-based Wealth Education Program with the highest standards in the areas of financial literacy and self mastery.

The program teaches both professionals and individuals in the mainstream to be successful in the psychology and skills required to create a successful business, managing, preserving, and building wealth. This program is delivered over the Internet anywhere in the world from a multi-million dollar web platform.

The course modules, known as the Passport to Prosperity, are accessed on a web site using a private pass code allowing for continuous updates and enhancements routinely added at no extra charge. The recent real estate course added is the finest of its kind available online or locally. Soon Emerald Passport will be adding a Forex investment and a day trading course at the beginning of 2006.

The course materials are currently being used by either clients who wish to develop themselves as Internet Entrepreneurs or every day people who desire to learn the skills needed to acquire, manage, and invest to save or build wealth.

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