Things that go hush in the night

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There’s a kind of hush all over Bangsar tonight. If those words don’t jog your memory, those are lyrics from the famous Carpenters song (with an obvious ad lib). Hush@Bangsar is the new kid on the block, making its debut in offering a chic venue for wining and dining.

The first thing I thought was why the name ‘Hush’? Apparently the outlet’s slogan is ‘Hush … keep it to yourself.’ To do that would be quite a task, considering this place houses more than 100 different wine labels and serves an interesting fusion of Japanese, Italian, European and local food. I suppose ‘Hush’ is befitting to the concept of this place, as the stylish urban contemporary setting and candle-lit tables beckon you to step in and share a secret or two while sipping the beverage of your choice.

With a well-stocked bar, Hush aims to reinvent the “nightlife” standard as it strives to be the next hot spot for young executives, expats and locals, with its relaxed alfresco and indoor dining experience for lunch and semi-fine dining feel at night. Hush also offers Afternoon Tea Sets from 3pm to 6pm daily for only RM12++ per person, perfect after a day of retail therapy at Bangsar Village or if you just want to zip away from the office for a bite.

The restaurant manager, Sam, was also instrumental in compiling Hush’s stash of high quality cigars – from Cuban to Dominican. Newly opened in March, Hush has come up with various promotions such as the Specials of the Week, Lunch Sets and a Bottles Promotion, featuring the famous Scottish Macallan single malt whiskey.

After going through all the necessary introductions, it was time to savour the food. We started off with the Seared Foie Gras with apple, peach and mango, followed by the Pan-Seared Scallop with rocket salad, cherry tomatoes, blue cheese with pickled fennel and citrus dressing. The combination of the Foie Gras and fruits was sweet and savoury and a good start for the next dish. The scallops were also fresh, which we all know is important when serving seafood.

Next was a local dish ensemble – Nasi Ulam, which is white rice cooked with assorted local herbs, fried mackerel with ‘sambal’ (spicy chilli paste), jackfruit cooked in coconut milk and roasted chicken with spicy sauce. I know the description sounds a bit scary for the chilli-intolerants, but have no fear. This is actually a refreshing dish without the burn-your-guts-out chilli. The feasting continued with Oven-Baked Three- Flavour Cod with potato cakes, spinach and citrus-flavoured sauce. The fish was cooked to perfection while the accompanying sauce was also delectable. Next was the Mustard Crust Roasted Lamb Rack with tomato confit and spicy mint chutney, which was sinful yet not imposing to the palate.

Sam told us that dessert would have us coming back for more. He was right. The ensemble of Centre Melted Chocolate Pudding with vanilla ice-cream, Black Forest in a glass and Pear poached in red wine was exquisite. Sam also had us taste the Pavlova (egg whites and chocolate baked into a puff) with cream and strawberries. Full to the brim, I couldn’t leave without trying Hush’s concoction of delicious smoothies. I recommend ordering Liquid Love – a blend of kiwi, strawberry, honey and peanuts.

I will definitely come back; just for desserts. Who could resist?

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