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Source: The Expat magazine May 2011
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Introducing New Zealand’s leading pomologists: Neil, John, David, Michael and Richard. What’s a pomologist, you ask? Is it an expert in the field of “Poms” (a derogatory term for the English) or a cheerleader accomplished in pom pom displays? Neither. Pomology is the science of apple growing, and these five Kiwi gentlemen are five of the best. Joint owners of Heartland Fruit, producer of Luvya™ Apples, they have developed the AppleCraft™ technique, which is recognized as a proven method of growing superior-quality apples. AppleCraft™ is unique to Heartland Fruit, a result of the several decades and generations’ combined experience of Neil, John, David, Michael and Richard. They also own their entire production chain, from orchards to warehouses to marketing & PR, which ensures the quality of the apples they produce. And of course, like all good pomologists, the apple is at the “core” of everything they do.

AppleCraft™ depends on many variables, and getting it just right is what makes Luv’ya™ Apples special. Climate is key to the technique, and Nelson, New Zealand (where Luv’ya™ Apples are grown), with its temperate seasons and long days, provides the perfect conditions for crispy, juicy and flavorful apples. David’s family have been growing apples in Nelson since 1910 for this very reason, its long history in pomology making it the perfect location for these apple pioneers. In addition, Luv’ya™ Apples’ orchards are designed to supply as much nutrition and light to the crop as possible, with small adjustments being made each year according to the previous year’s experiences.

Apples are picked at just the right time based on scientific calculations, shipped directly to suppliers to avoid the apple-atrophying delay of dealing with middle men, and quality is monitored at every link of the logistics chain. The result is a range of superior eating apples, delicious whether you pick one straight from the tree in Nelson, or in a supermarket in one of the many distant countries, including those in Asia, North American and Europe, where Luv’ya™ Apples are accredited and sold. Not only does Heartland Fruit produce apples which are good for you (they are planting varieties which are disease resistant, which reduces the possibility of potentially harmful chemical residue on the fruit), they also cultivate their crop in a way that is good for the environment. They have voluntarily monitored and look to reduce their carbon emissions, build energy-efficient orchards, and make use of alternative sources of energy such as solar power wherever possible.

The Luv’ya™ Apples range includes old favourites such as the Fuji, Braeburn, Cox and Royal Gala, as well as various varieties exclusive to Heartland Fruit. These include the bright red, juicy and crisp eve™, perfect for fresh eating and salads and the strong and sweet Divine™, rated superior to Fuji by tasting panels. Heartland owns the exclusive marketing rights to both eve™ and Divine™ in Malaysia. Tentation™ is a sweet, tangy yellow apple and its wonderful aroma and texture makes it perfect for cooking. This year Heartland also introducing the sweet, juicy and firm Smitten™ apple to Malaysia, which is a new variety discovered in New Zealand and planted extensively by the Heartland growers.

If you’d like to try a Luv’ya™ Apple, to taste the perfect Nelson climate, the passion of five pomologists, and the deliciousness resulting from the AppleCraft™ technique, visit NZ Health and Organic Fair which takes place in Cold Storage from the 30 April to 16 May 2011. There will also be tastings conducted at various Cold Storage outlets from May to Sept. Budding pomologists and apple connoisseurs are welcome to attend. Luv’ya™ Apples will also be sold in Cold Storage and Mercato outlets from mid-April to September.


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