Arabian Heaven

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Arabian Nights is not just a shisha shop, although even a person who doesn’t enjoy shisha will marvel at the gorgeous designer hookahs proudly on display in the Gardens outlet. A curving raised platform in the middle of the store boasts hookahs of every conceivable design, ranging from the traditional to the more contemporary styles, such as the World Cup hookah. All the models are unique and one of a kind as Arabian Nights is constantly producing new models. These designer hookahs, many of which make excellent decorative pieces, can be bought as nifty souvenirs and you can rest assured that these fragile babies won’t break in your luggage if you’re travelling – the hookahs are packed in polystyrene and wrapped in bubbles.

Worried about the effects of smoking shisha? The Afzal brand of shisha sold in Arabian Nights contain 0% tar, unlike other products in the market, and 0.5% nicotine. Flavours range from the seedy to the fruity and customers are taught to mix and match and create their own flavours. Aside Arabian Nights will be hosting an Arabian-from this, shisha-lovers can rejoice at the long-lasting charcoal briquettes or tablets that were made especially for hookahs. Arabian Nights also sell plastic tips for hygiene-conscious folks and spare parts for the hookah if you’ve broken or misplaced a pipe.

Arabian Nights also carries a line of products called Spa At Home. If incense sticks, potpourri, candles and essential oils appeal to you, then check out their unique items which come in four categories, or “moods”. Another feature at Arabian Nights is the unique sweet-smelling Afnan perfumes that use “oudh”, or agarwood as a base note. Their perfumes range from the sweet and refreshing for women to the sporty and spicy scents for men.

Arabian Nights will be hosting an Arabian themed party with belly-dancing and other exciting activities from 30 June to 3 July at Fahrenheit 88.

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Source: The Expat magazine June 2011
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