Better than Diamonds

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Telling someone about gordonMax does little good. It really has to be seen to be believed.

Even when you go there yourself it is hard to trust your eyes. You are surrounded by cases filled with diamonds of the size and quality normally kept behind several locked doors, viewable only to a select – and wealthy – clientele.

“Our largest diamond is over 10 karats,” says Regional Operations Consultant Benny Pang. A size more likely to be found in a museum than in a welcoming, open-front shop.

GordonMax diamond stimulants or “cultured” diamonds are indistinguishable from mined diamonds, even upon close examination by expert eyes. Many customers use gordonMax diamonds to make replicas of their expensive jewellery or to complement an existing piece because the differences between diamonds simply makes gordonMax the smarter, better, even kinder choice.

For example, a flawless one-karat D-diamond, often beyond anyone’s budget at about RM60,000 at gordonMax costs less than RM1000. “Many customers don’t buy anything the first time they come in,” says Benny. But after they have had a chance to get over the initial shock and suspicion they come back, time and time again. Though your jeweller won’t be able to tell the di.erence, Benny recommends you reveal your secret to this one person because gordonMax diamonds need to be handled with a little more care than the world’s hardest substance usually requires.

Another advantage is in the quality. All cultured diamonds are created perfect – although the “imperfection” of gordonMax’s I-diamond stimulants is sometimes preferred because of its soft yellow glow.

For some the best thing about cultured diamonds is that unlike mined diamonds, they have never caused a death or funded a war. GordonMax’s lab-grown diamonds can be bought and worn guiltlessly. This Valentine’s Day, make a trip to gordonMax and be dazzled by their diamonds. You can give your loved one a gift that lasts forever, fills his or her heart, doesn’t empty your pocket and leaves you with a clear conscience.

Find gordonMax at their boutique in Bangsar Village 2 as well as counters at TANGS in Pavilion and Subang Empire.

Source: The Expat magazine February 2011
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