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Source: The Expat magazine May 2011, article by William Citrin
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A COMMON MISCONCEPTION is that, when it comes to food, the words “healthy” and “tasty” don’t go together. Natural, organic cuisine can be both nutritious and delicious – as proven by the people at Yogi Tree restaurant in The Gardens, Midvalley City. The menu there features simple, “back to basics” cuisine, utilizing the freshest ingredients available (primarily organic) and painstaking cooking processes and techniques. The results of this hard labour speak for themselves, and leave many diners – such as myself – speechless when it comes to superlatives to describe the taste of the dishes there.

Yogi Tree patrons can partake in natural goodness throughout the day, as the restaurant’s menu offers breakfast (until 6.00pm), and an astounding variety of dishes from East and West as well as organic (and potent) coffee, immunity boosting teas, a whole host of nutrient-laden and taste-bud-tingling juice concoctions, beers and wines, and a selection of divine desserts such as electrifying tiramisu with black cherries and gourmet homemade ice cream.

There’s no such thing as too much of a good thing, and I was treated to a satisfying but stomach-distending spread at Yogi Tree. Some of the highlights of my repast included the duck and pear mesclun salad with organic toasted black sesame, the fabulous and flaky salmon and crab .shcakes, the superb steak sandwich made with chilled Australian grain-fed beef, the linguini smothered in tomato basil sauce with grilled Mediterranean vegetables, the nasi ulam (organic brown rice and fresh salad and baked organic chicken with perchik sauce) and, of course, the aforementioned tiramisu and the nirvana-inducing pure chocolate trufle torte.

Everything I ate and drank at Yogi Tree was bursting with fresh, natural and pure ingredients. I left the restaurant feeling revitalized, reminded of how good simple and wholesome food can be.

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