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Sublime Surf, Tantalising Turf

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Source: The Expat magazine June 2011, article by Hugh Ujhazy 

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THE GAUCHOS OF the Argentine plains are small wiry men. Their horse skills are unrivalled across Latin America as they herd their prize beef steers across the grasslands. The result of all this expertise and effort can be found on the plate, cooked to perfection by Chef Azmi and his team, at Gaucho Grill in Kuala Lumpur. Choose your location – in the shadow of the Petronas Twin Towers or in Chulan Square across from Pavilion. You’ll find mojitoes and a wide selection of Chilean, Argentine, Californian and French wines waiting to complement the grass-fed red meat that yields to none in terms of quality, taste and texture.

For those who seek lighter fare with a hint of salt air, the crew at Gauchos has expanded their menu to offer seafood temptations. For fence sitters, try the surf-n-turf options with a fine medallion of Argentine beef paired with lobster tails or jumbo king prawns from East Malaysia. Arting, the manager at Gauchos notes “we try to source seafood locally as much as possible to exploit the subtle flavors of Malaysia”. The squid, lightly grilled with a splash of lemon juice is perfectly prepared – soft, without hint of toughness, with a gentle citrus tang. Accompanying it is a parsley and vinegar Chimichuri, served on the side, as the squid stands perfectly on its own. The grilled jumbo king prawns are served with shells separated to reveal the lobster-like meat inside. Dusted with a fragrant mix of seasonings, the meat has the right texture and releases a flavour explosion to the palette. Flower crab in a black pepper sauce is an array of claws, shells and legs waiting for the embrace of the thoughtfully positioned crackers. Steamed sea bass comes with an Asian edge provided by the kafir lime leaf. The seafood soup is hot and peppery, rich with prawns, tomatoes, mussels and local clams.

Enough, enough! Arting and his skilled local crew have created a menu that exploits the best of Malaysian seafood in styles that will please every taste preference, from the spiceless to the kick-in-the-pants hair raiser. As if anyone needed more reason to visit Gauchos, there is now a choice between the rich meat of the plains and the many treasures of the ocean. Saddle up your trusty steed, set your sails to the wind, and come see for yourself.

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