What is Iskandar Malaysia?

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(This post is brought to you by Iskandar Regional Development Authority)

Business. Investments. Careers. Living. Leisure.You name it. It’s all happening in Iskandar Malaysia: a fast-growing economic region with a land size of 2,217 sq km located at the southern tip of Peninsular Malaysia. Being strategically located in the heart of Asia, it’s in perfect position to tap into Asia’s burgeoning global market of over 800 million people.

So invest in Iskandar Malaysia and take advantage of its high growth potential, abundant resources, and investor-friendly environment.

Iskandar Malaysia. A strong and sustainable metropolis of international standing.

Unparalleled Advantages

• Incentives and support for qualified investors

• Easy accessibility by land, sea and air

• Fully operational transportation and telecommunications infrastructure

• Multilingual, educated workforce

• Cosmopolitan living and working environment


• Easy access to regional markets

To learn more about Iskandar Malaysia, visit www.iskandarmalaysia.com.my

Source: The Expat July 2012
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