Gudrun Nienaber, a German Skipper in Malaysia

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Name: Gudrun Nienaber
Home Country: Germany
Designation/Industry/Company: Director/Tourism/Edu-Cat Sdn Bhd
Marital status: Married, no children

What brought you to Malaysia and how long have you been here?
The first time I came to Malaysia was in 1996 as an expat working for the Reuters. During those three and a half years, I fell in love with the country, the food, and the people. The second time I came back was in 2008 by choice and my husband and I are now under the MM2H scheme.

What were your impressions of Malaysia before you came?
In 1996, Malaysia was known as one of the “Asian Tigers,” a former British colony and a developing country, but I did not really know a lot about Malaysia at all. What has changed is the ever-growing and improving infrastructure, roads, buildings, telecommunication availability, and the bars and restaurants. The traffic and driving habits are still the same.

If you had to pick a sound, a smell, a taste or a touch to describe Malaysia, what would it be?
The smell of heavy tropical rain, the taste of exotic spices, and the sound of the early morning prayers from the mosque.

What are the three things you like most about living in Malaysia?
I like the fact the weather is always warm, the people are friendly and tolerant, and the variety of food.

What are three things you dislike about living in Malaysia?
I dislike the sometimes ruthless driving habits, people throwing rubbish everywhere, and the fact that they continue to cut down the jungle to build more high-rises.

Name three places you would take an overseas visitor.
Petronas Twin Towers and KLCC, Central Market, Langkawi.

Name three typical weekend activities that you enjoy.
Sailing on our 50-foot catamaran, Edu-Cat, around Langkawi, socialising with friends, and discovering what is new in KL.

What’s your favourite restaurant and bar in Malaysia?
The Social in Bangsar, Souled Out in Hartamas, and The Beach Garden in Langkawi.


Do you own property here?
Yes, we own an apartment in Mont Kiara.

Are most of your friends Malaysians or expats? Why?
Our friends are a great mix of both Malaysians and expats which makes living in this country such a wonderful experience.

What do you miss most about your home country?

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