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Pizza, Pasta, Pork; a Trio of Perfection at Midi 57

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THE SMELL OF a wood-fired pizza oven is arguably one of the greatest ways to be welcomed when entering an talian restaurant. It is a sensual reassurance that whatever carnal desire for food one has, it will be sated. In the case of Midi 57, it is a promise.

The name Midi 57 probably rings a bell for many, as it is run by the same people as the well- known Le Midi in Bangsar Shopping Centre. Whilst there are definitely similarities between the two, the recently opened Midi 57 has more of relaxed Sunday-afternoon feel to it while still maintaining the dining standards of Le Midi.

Upon entering the restaurant, most eyes are drawn to the bare light bulbs hanging from the ceiling. This, along with the black and white mural of an elderly talian couple, gives the restaurant a unique but welcoming feel. Capable of seating up to 40 people inside, it was a nice surprise to see the restaurant already quite busy, remembering that it was only recently opened.

Found at ‘Number 57’ on the corner of Bangsar’s famous Bangkung Row, Midi 57 has a large al fresco dining area easily capable of hosting 60 people. A large, red and white striped canopy shades the outdoor area so one can comfortably dine in the hot Malaysian afternoons.

If you’ve a need for a mouthwatering, traditional talian pizza, look no further than the Campagnola wood-fired pizza. The highlight of this pie was definitely the talian sausage, which added a burst of flavour to the already scrumptious pizza.

Hailing from the island of Sicily, Chef Armando is the an behind Midi 57’s food and his presentation of the meals is as exquisite as their flavours as he demonstrated with the Assorted Cold Cuts, showcasing some of Italy’s best salamis and hams.

Being a meat lover myself, I was surprised to find that the most memorable meal was in fact, the dessert. Having the chance to try the Panna Cotta, Tiramisu, and the Vanilla Creme Caramel, I was overwhelmed by the heavenly quality of each of the treats. The Vanilla Creme Caramel was definitely my favourite, owing to my sweet tooth. The saying ‘melts in your mouth’ may be a cliche, but it has never been so true.

Midi 57 is a must-visit for all pizza and pork lovers. Boasting an eclectic menu and a comprehensive wine list, this easily accessible Italian restaurant should be the next stop for anyone craving an Italian fix.

Fact File:
Midi 57
57, Jalan Bangkung,
Off Jalan Maarof,
Bukit Bandaraya,
59100 Kuala Lumpur
Ph: 03.2095 1381

Most mains/pizzas: RM20-40++
Desserts: RM15-25++


Business Hours:
Monday to Sunday 11.00am till Late
Happy Hour: 3.00-9.00pm

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This article was written by Sam Barton for The Expat magazine.
Source: The Expat August 2012
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