Victoria Crest Offers Unbeatable Burgers, Bangers and Pies

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FUAD ABDULLAH discovered the delight of burgers, pies, and sausages during his time studying in the UK, and it was a pleasure he longed to transport to his native Malaysia. Though the years passed, the passion remained, and Fuad eventually made the dream a reality by teaming up with two old friends to set up Victoria Crest; a company determined to keep Malaysia well-stocked with premium, Halal-certified products, bringing the pleasure of comfort food to Fuad’s local shores.

It may have been two years since Victoria Crest began its fine work, but the eagerlyanticipated official launch only took place in the past few months. The timing was fortuitous, providing the team with a great opportunity to thank their loyal customers and further spread the word on the range of premium products Victoria Crest now stock.

As guests gathered to mark the launch, Fuad took to the microphone and explained that, while there is “an abundance of Halal products in Malaysia and in the world, we believe there will always be a demand for high quality comfort foods that everyone loves to eat.”

Victoria Crest caters to the demand with their impressive range of meats and pies, with some of the most popular items being the seven varieties of sausages that range from traditional flavours to locally-inspired ones (the Chicken Dynamite Chilli bangers are big sellers). Two different varieties of burger patty are ideal for barbeques, while the four traditional meat pies are serious treats for those needing a hearty pick-me-up. All the meat is of the highest quality – customers can be assured of 100% chicken breast, beef, or lamb from premium stock – and the lean cut ensures that these comforting products are meatier too.

Victoria Crest is fast-becoming the brand known for delivering premium, Halal-certified meats to the market, and as the guests gathered at the launch to feast happily on the freshly cooked burgers and sausages, it was clear that Fuad had achieved his goal of bringing the cosy comfort and social enjoyment of meaty treats to Malaysia.
For more information, visit or find Victoria Crest on facebook.

This article was written by Fuad Abdullah for The Expat magazine.
Source: The Expat September 2012
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