How to Open a Bank Account in Malaysia

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The idea of opening a bank account in Malaysia, for an expat, may seem like a complicated issue, but it’s actually really simple. If you’re working and living in Malaysia as an expat, there are just a couple of things you need with you to open a bank account.

1)    First of all, you need to have a valid work permit/visa for working and living in Malaysia. (Without one, you will have to resort to storing your cash under your mattress.)

2)    Make sure you bring your work permit/visa and passport along with you to your preferred bank.

3)    Tell the staff at the customer service counter you want to open a bank account and she/he will instruct you to take a number.

4)    When your number is called, the bank staff will help you fill in some forms.  

5)    The staff will also make copies of your work permit/visa and passport.

6)    Some banks will take a finger print, so don’t panic when this happens.

7)    You will need to put in an initial deposit into your new account. This varies with different banks and different accounts. For example, a basic savings account in Maybank will require you to deposit RM50, and a Prime current account at CIMB will require you to deposit RM1, 000 into your account.

8)    Once all the forms have been signed, your account will be created. You will immediately receive your account number and an ATM card.


9)    The bank staff will also walk you through the process of choosing your PIN number and helping you sign up for an online account (e.g. CIMB Clicks, Maybank2u,

10)    Congratulations! You now have a bank account. Breathe in peace for you no longer have to carry ridiculous amount of money everywhere you go.


Note: Getting a bank account, registering your ATM pin code and online banking account can be done in the same day and within a short time. Enquire with the bank if they don’t provide you with this information.


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