Nokia Apologizes for Fake Lumia 920 Commercial

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Nokia’s new release, the Lumia 920 in Malaysia has received much attention in regards to its specs, as well as a commercial that was shot using, or not, the PureView function.

When the Nokia Lumia 920 commercial was released, people were impressed. The commercial showed a man riding a bicycle while simultaneously shooting a video of a girl, also on a bicycle. The commercial was supposed to prove the camera’s optical image stabilisation. Shooting a video in this condition would usually produce a blurry and shaky video, but with the PureView function, the video was clear and it wasn’t shaky at all.

But soon after that, another video was released on YouTube by a random user, proving that the video was a fake. A slow motion shot of the video revealed a glimpse of a camera van shooting the entire thing on a professional camera!

Nokia of course has issued an apology, saying that they were only trying to demonstrate the benefits of the optical image stabilization function, and should have posted a disclaimer that the commercial was a representation only.  

Watch the original Nokia Lumia 920 commercial here:

Now watch this video that has slowed down the Nokia Lumia 920 commercial to reveal the deceit:

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