Treetop Chalets and Elephant Rides When you Visit Terengganu

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Visitors to Kenyir Lake (the largest man-made lake in South East Asia) at Kuala Terengganu will soon be able to enjoy two new attractions; treetop chalets and elephant rides!

The spectacular view of the surround rainforest from the treetop chalets are said to be amazing, while the elephant rides will take visitors on a journey through the forest with pit stops at beautiful picnic spots and waterfalls.

The project which is part of the state government effort to boost tourism is said to be 30% complete, according to The New Straits Times, and will ready in February 2013.

Eight trained elephants will be available thanks to The Wildlife Department (Perhilitan). Professional elephant handlers from Thailand will also be brought over to help handle and take care of the elephants.

The elephants will be the most exciting attractions as visitors can enjoy watching elephant shows where the elephants can be seen playing soccer or even painting on canvasses.

Will you be making a trip to Kenyir Lake to take a ride on an elephant and stay at the treetop chalet next year?

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