Best GPS Navigation Devices in Malaysia – Price and Compare

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Malaysia can be difficult to drive around for those unaccustomed with the roads.  Traffic can be hairy, roads can lead to surprises, and signage can be sparse.

To help with your driving in Malaysia, you should consider getting a GPS navigator for your car (or consider using an GPS enabled smartphone app).  However, which are the best devices?

There are four major car navigation GPS brands in Malaysia you should consider:

  • Garmin
  • WayWay
  • TomTom 

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Garmin Malaysia

Garmin has been around in Malaysia for awhile.  It seems to be one of the most popular GPS brands in Malaysia.  It’s also compatible with Malfreemaps, which is an online mapping community offering frequently updated, free maps.  Malfreemaps gets great feedback from contributors in west Malaysia and Singapore to continuously keep their quality maps updated.  Here are some Garmin GPS devices and prices available in Malaysia:

  • Garmin Nuvi 3790v Price: RM 1,070
  • Garmin Nuvi 2575R Price: RM 1,070
  • Garmin Nuvi 2565LM Price: RM 725
  • Garmin Nuvi 2465LM Price: RM 619
  • Garmin Nuvi 50LM Price: RM 540
  • Garmin Nuvi 40LM Price: RM 415

You can learn more  and find great deals to buy the Garmin devices online here.

You can also learn more about Garmin in Malaysia at


PapaGo! Malaysia

PapaGo! is another recognizable brand in Malaysia.  Malfreemaps also offers maps compatible with PapaGo! GPS devices, which allows customers to access frequently updated, free maps of Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei.   Here are some of their products available in Malaysia:

  • Papago! R6300T Price: RM 649
  • Papago! H8 Price: RM 779.50
  • Papago! Z1 Price: RM 488.00

You can learn more and find great deals to buy the PapaGo devices online here.


Papago! is represented by M3Asia as the solo distributor for the products in Malaysia, Indonesia and Thailand.  You can learn more about Papago! and M3Asia here:



WayWay Malaysia

WayWay Malaysia is a leading brand in Portable Navigation Devices in Hong Kong, designed and distributed by WayWay innovations (H.K.) Co. Ltd.  Some WayWay GPS devices for car navigation in Malaysia include:

  • WayWay Q5033HD Price: RM 419.00
  • WayWay Q4331iDuo Price: RM 399.00
  • WayWay Q4033 Price: RM 369.00
  • GPS Navigator WayWay Q4331i Price: RM 399.00
  • WayWay 3033  Price: RM 269.00

WayWay is represented M3Asia.  You can learn more about both of them by visiting:


TomTom Malaysia

TomTom entered the Malaysian market in 2010.  While it is a globally-recognized GPS brand, it doesn’t dominate the market share in Malaysia.  Also, many argue that Garmin offers better maps of Malaysia than TomTom.

Here are some TomTom models and prices available in Malayisa:

  • TomTom Via 280 Price: RM 699
  • TomTom Via 260 Price: RM 599
  • TomTom Via 260 Price: RM 499

You can learn more and find great deals to buy the TomTom Malaysia devices online here.

You can learn more about TomTom models, specs, and where to purchase them in Malaysia through their website:



Ultimately, many people seem to tout Garmin and Papago! as the best GPS devices in Malaysia, particularly because of their compatibility with Malfreemaps.  

However, be sure to do more research, consider the technical specifications, and choose a device that best fits your preferences and budget.

Here are some online shopping sites in Malaysia that sell GPS devices too:


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