Court Hearing on Lynas’ License in Malaysia Postponed

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The Kuantan High Court has postponed a hearing in regards to Lynas Corp Ltd’s temporary operating license (TOL) which was granted early this year.

Australian miner Lynas was granted a temporary operating license in September this year, to operate in Pahang, Malaysia. However, it was suspended after an appeal over environmental concerns was filed by activists.

The plant will process rare earths/ a collection of metals. The metals are used in many consumer products from smartphones and electric cars. But the company has been facing a lot of setbacks from Malaysian activists who fear that the facility will pose health risks for the locals.

In February, Lynas was given a conditional license by Malaysia’s Atomic Energy Licensing Board. Mass protests followed this decision. Thousands of people participated in a rally against the plant. Their concerns were that toxic waste would seep into the land and water, causing harm to the environment and people’s health. The protest went on despite Lynas assuring everyone that any toxic waste will not be harmful to humans.

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