Where Can I Shop Online in Malaysia?

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Shopping in Malaysia has escalated to a whole new level.  Shoppers are now hooked on to the idea of shopping online. An idea just a few years ago, which appeared fishy because of security in terms of payment methods has now become a standard mode for shopping.  Online shopping sites are popping up like mushrooms all over the web sphere, prompting and tempting shoppers to shop while at work or at home.

There are a plethora of products available on these Malaysian shopping websites, and the prices are reasonable enough for shoppers to spend at ease. But for those who are new to shopping online and still wondering which online shopping websites are safe, popular and worth a visit, wonder no more. Here we review a few of the popular online shopping websites to help you spend a little wiser.


Zalora Malaysia  – Online Shopping for Fashion in Malaysia

This new online shopping website in Malaysia has literally taken over the online shopping portal.  Zalora also has online shopping sites in seven other countries. Its advertising in Malaysia has been played to death on the radio, the banners can be spotted on many websites, and every shopaholic in the social media world can’t stop talking about it.

Zalora is a fashion and footwear website.  The site caters for men, women and kids as well.  It features local and international brands, so you can expect to see brands such as Area 27 by Bernard Chandran, Nike, TOM Abang Saufi, Nose, Coach and many more! All in all, the site has a total of 300 brands!

The website is easy to navigate around with plenty of pictures to capture your attention. A specialty at Zalora is that the site offers fast shipping, whereby items are shipped out the very day you order them.  Additionally, they offer free shipping.  Anything that doesn’t fit can be returned and will be fully refunded within 30 days.

A quick view of the payment method ensures that all is safe. One can choose to pay through various ways; invoice, direct debit, cash on delivery or credit card.

You can sign-up with ZALORA here and receive a RM 25 voucher.

Some main categories of Zalora include:



Lazada Malaysia – Online Shopping for a Variety of Products in Malaysia

Malaysia’s premier online mall, Lazada, is said to feature the largest selection of the world’s most popular brands at affordable prices. The website also provides fast and free shipping, and is frequently updated with new items.  

Some of the interesting things you can shop for at Lazada are cameras, laptops, cosmetics, toys, books, home appliances, audio devices, mobile phones and tablets. All products are original, and one can even shop for brands like Apple, Canon, BlackBerry, Philips, Loreal, Redken and many, many more.

Lazada also has a safe and secure payment method, and shoppers can choose to pay via credit cards, cash on delivery, bank transfer or direct debit. If you change your mind about that camera you just bought, not to worry as you can return it within 14 working days for a refund. Those who don’t like the idea of paying with their credit cards online can choose the cash on delivery service, which is available for certain areas in Malaysia.

Lazada Malaysia’s main shopping categories include:

ShaShinki – Online Shopping for Cameras and Accessories in Malaysia

ShaShinki is Malaysia’s biggest and only online camera shop. This online shopping website offers brand new and used cameras, and camera equipment’s such as tripods, camera cases, lenses, batteries, chargers, cleaning tools, microphones and other stuff, at the best prices.

Want to swap your camera for a newer model? Shashinki accepts trade-in too! The founder of this online shopping site, Dr Koh Kho King, is also the co-founder of Malaysia’s first and largest online photography community, Hence, one should not have to worry about the credibility of this site because of its popularity. All products are assured to arrive in good condition, and any damage can be returned with a full refund.

The site has nearly all camera and camera equipment  brands you can think of; Sanyo, Casio, Canon, Benro, Leica, Billingham, Nissin, Gitzo, Kodak, LensCoat, Crumpler and many more.

All the products are original, so don’t freak out thinking it’s a fake because of the price. ShaShinki imports all products from their overseas suppliers at lower prices than most of the local distributors.

ShaShinki’s main categories relate to cameras and include:


Mobile Mega Mall  – Online Shopping for Gadgets in Malaysia

Mobile Mega Mall is your one-stop, online digital shopping centre for all your gadget needs. In short, Mobile Mega Mall is an “online mall” with many individual shops selling gadgets.

For new comers, the site has a step-by-step guide for buyers, covering all topics from product enquiries to how to cancel an order. There is also a step-by-step guide for those who want to set up an online shop to sell gadgets.

Don’t worry though as all products are original. One will find all the popular brands in the market these days such as Samsung, Nokia, Canon, Apple, Blackberry and more. Each product has a detailed description with all the specs outlined. Payment methods are secure and include bank transfers and credit cards, and some shops don’t mind if you send them a cheque.

Mobile Mega Mall’s main website shopping categories include:

Fashion Valet – Online Shopping for Fashion and Other Accessories in Malaysia

Fashion Valet stocks ready-to-wear clothes, accessories, shoes, handbags and even kid’s clothes and accessories. The website prides itself on offering the latest trends with items from local Malaysian designers as well as other Asian designers. Some of the brands you will find here are Chic Yamada, Dude & The Duchess, Tom Abang Saufi, Gossip, Jakel, Kavi and many more.

There are also constant updates on the latest trends to keep you informed, and delivery time is also said to be pretty quick. What’s more, they also cater for plus size women, and even have a range of beauty products and accessories.

The website’s layout is clear with no fuss, making it easy to browse around without it getting too complicated. Shipping of products is free for deliveries within Malaysia, but there is a small fee for other places around the world. Yes, there is a worldwide delivery. One can also choose to collect items themselves.

Newcomers can have a look at the step-by-step guide on registering, browsing and buying. Payment method includes all the usual (pay pal, online banking and cash transfers). The website also prides itself on updating their blog with all the latest on the local design scene.

Fashion Valet’s main website shopping categories include:

These are just some of the websites that caught our attention for being popular and credible. Share your suggestions and thoughts about online shopping in Malaysia by posting comments below.

With that said, have fun shopping, but always remember to be cautious with your credit card details on unknown sites.

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