International Wine and Cheese Festival

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People, Raffle Prizes, and Pleasure

Saturday afternoons surely don’t get much better than this: a classy venue, charming company, a steady stream of wine and cheese, and more prizes to be won than anyone could even count (it was more than 40!). Those lucky enough to join in the fun at The Expat Group and Jason’s Food Hall first and hugely successful International Wine and Cheese Festival were all in agreement: the fabulous three-hour event was the ideal way to spend a Saturday afternoon.

Twenty-One Tables+Terraces in Bangsar Shopping Centre was the location for this inaugural event, and the chic and classy establishment was swiftly packed with expats and locals alike, plus a few familiar faces (His Excellency Christian Rehren, Ambassador of Chile and a former Miss Malaysia made it down) who eagerly joined the throngs tasting the different international wines, poured into glasses by knowledgable staff from Jason’s Food Hall.

In the time-honoured tradition, cheese was on hand to accompany the glasses of tipple, and a great variety from all over the world circulated, enabling attendees to get a taste of the range and quality available a few floors below at Jason’s Food Hall.

As is only correct at an event hosted by The Expat Group, the raffle was set to be one of the highlights, and with more than 40 prizes up for grabs – from a Grand Prize of a Business Class ticket to Europe with Oman Air to luxury chocolates, bottles of wines, and holidays among many others – tickets disappeared fast and an excited hush fell throughout the eatery as the results were announced.

But whether prizes were won or not, everyone who made their way out of Twenty-One Tables+Terraces at the end of the afternoon had a smile on their face, having spent a memorable Saturday afternoon enjoying quality cheese and wine with a lively group of people in a stylish location… what could be better?


Source: The Expat October 2012

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