Animal Society in Penang to Raise Funds for Centre for Stray

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“The Penang Animal Sanctuary Society (PASS) aims to raise RM170, 000 for the first phase of a one-stop centre for strays at River Road where they will be neutered and spayed”, The Sun Daily reported.

The animal sanctuary believes that the Catch, Neuter and Release (CNR) approach is an effective way of controlling strays out in the streets.

PASS will be organising a charity event, Food for Love, to meet its objective. They are hoping the charity event will help raise funds for the organisation to complete the first phase of the one-stop care centre. The charity event will have a total of 50 stalls, lucky draws, fun entertainment and competitions to entertain everyone.

Those who wish to set up sponsor stalls can also join in on the charity event. Food for Love takes place on 18 November 2012 at the Esplanade from 9am-3pm.

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