A Wheelchair for your Dogs?

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Seeing an injured animal is heart-breaking, especially when said animal is your very own pet. No matter how hard you try to protect your furry friends, the chances of them getting hurt is high.

And when that happens, and your pet can’t use his/hers legs, you will have to get wheelchairs and walkers to help your pet walk. These gadgets need to be ordered from abroad, to help your pet walk. But these can be expensive (can go up to RM1000), especially when you are in the business of rescuing stray animals.

An article on Star Online recently featured a Malaysian animal rescuer, Danny Goh Teck Chuan, who builds his own wheelchairs and walkers.

Danny always tries his level best to help the strays, especially when they are injured. Seeing as how expensive it is to purchase these contraptions, Danny has taken into making his own wheelchairs and walkers for dogs. Unlike the ones you purchase from abroad which use aluminium, Danny makes his using polyvinyl chloride (PVC) pipes. The pipes are finished off with basic, stretchable materials from his own shop, (Danny runs a drapery business).

Danny is offering his services to anyone in Malaysia who needs wheelchairs and walkers for their dogs and cats who can’t walk.

He can be contacted through Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better Facebook page at:

The video below shows Danny building a wheelchair for a dog who suffers from a spinal cord injury and severe nerve damage to one of its back limbs.

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