The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale

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Reading is an expensive hobby in Malaysia. Buy a book in a bookstore and be prepared to pay anything between RM35 to RM60 for a newly released fiction. And that’s only for a paperback edition.

Nowadays, bookworms are resorting to downloading eBooks as it is cheaper and more convenient. Buying and reading a book online may be convenient, but many find that it takes the joy out of visiting their favourite book store and the joy of being surrounded by so many literary geniuses.

Bottom line is that readers should not have to pay a ridiculous amount of money for books. And they don’t have to, thanks to the Big Bad Wolf book sale.

Back for its second year, the Big Bad Wolf has one major mission; to banish high book prices forever. The discounts start at 75% minimum and 95 % maximum. Books that would usually cost you RM67, RM53 or RM110, will now cost about RM8 or RM10.

Last year, the sale saw a total of 1.5 million books being snapped up. This year, the sale will have 3 million books on sale!

The Big Bad Wolf sale will feature new and old paperbacks, coffee table books, box sets, pop-up art books, graphic novels, and backdated imported magazines.

Sneak preview of the books on offer:

  • Yann Martel’s Beatrice and Virgil, RM8. (Original price RM91.20)
  • Paranormal Singapore: Tales from the Kopitiam Volume 1, 2 & 3, RM3 each. (Original price RM37.80)
  • Michael Crichton’s Pirate Latitudes, RM8. (Original price RM106.40)
  • Standard Catalogue of World Paper Money: Modern Issues-1961-Present, RM30. (Original price RM209.00)
  • The Life and Works of Michelangelo, RM20. (Original price RM129.00)
  • Happy Days with the Naked Chef, RM30. (Original price RM143.30)
  • Septimus Heap: Flyte, RM8. (Original price RM70.30)
  • Thor: Gods & Men (Graphic Novel), RM25. (Original price RM123.00)
  • Jeffrey Archer’s Paths of Glory, RM8. (Original price RM106.20)

Tempted to fill your shopping cart with everything on your reading list? Check out our events page for more information on the event. 

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