A Talk on Life in Malaya during the Japanese Occupation

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The Japanese occupation in Malaya (Malaysia) is a significant part of Malaysia’s history. During this time, the people of Malaya were faced with many challenges including having to deal with a shortage of food and medical supplies, unemployment, inflation and more. It was also difficult for the people to plan for a better future.

This talk, by Dr. Paul Kratoska, author of The Japanese Occupation of Malaya, will reminisce on life in Malaya during the Japanese Occupation. It will highlight the lifestyle and the struggles of those living in Malaya through archival records, published memoirs, and oral history accounts.

Dr. Paul Kratoska taught at Universiti Sains Malaysia from 1977 to 1987, and at the National University of Singapore (NUS) from 1987 through 2005. He is currently Publishing Director for NUS Press, a member of council for MBRAS, an editorial advisor for academic journals in Malaysia, Singapore, Japan, Korea and the Philippines. He is the author of The Japanese Occupation of Malaya and has edited a number of books on the Japanese occupation, including Food Supplies and the Japanese Occupation in South-East Asia, Asian Labor in the Wartime Japanese Empire: Unknown Histories, Southeast Asian Minorities in the Wartime Japanese Empire, and The Thailand-Burma Railway, 1942-46: Selected Documents and Writings (6 volumes).

Penang Story Lectures
Date: 9 November 2012
Time: 8pm-10pm
Venue: Wawasan Open University (Level 5), 54 Jalan Sultan Ahmad Shah, George Town, Penang
Tel: 04 264 2631

7.45pm: Registration
8.00pm: Introduction by Moderator
8.15pm: Public Lecture by Dr. Paul Kratoska
9.30pm: Q&A
10.00pm: End

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