Sunway Celebrates 20 Years with New Attractions

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At the cusp of celebrating their 20th anniversary, Sunway Lagoon has proudly announced two brand new attractions, both of which are targeted for completion by the end of this year. With an estimated investment of RM20 million for both projects, Sunway Lagoon is currently constructing the world’s first Waterplexx 5D Theatre and the world’s largest vortex water ride with LED lights, named the Vuvuzela.

“At Sunway Lagoon, we feel privileged to have been the place where memories are created for an entire generation of visitors for the past twenty years,” said Adron Leow, the Assistant General Manager of Sunway Lagoon. “That is why, at our 20th anniversary, the time has come for us to show that there is no slowing down Sunway Lagoon. Not only are we here to stay, we are bigger and better than ever, with lots more fun to come.”

The Waterplexx 5D Theatre will be the world’s first, water-based, 5D attraction and will boast the ultimate multi-sensory experience. Engaging the rider’s sense of sight, sound, touch, and scent, the attraction puts the riders right in the midst of the action. Whether it is a pirate adventure or an underwater wonderland, visitors can expect to feel everything they see, be it a gust of wind or a powerful gale.

Staying true to their tradition of being second to none, Sunway Lagoon has also announced that they will be launching the world’s largest vortex water ride with LED light effects by the end of 2012. The water ride towers at nearly 23m high and will take up to six riders through a thrilling series of twists and turns, before plummeting them down to the core of a 22m-wide funnel.

The water ride has been officially named the Vuvuzela following a month-long online contest and the name, which was picked from the many entries, refers to the popular African instrument used for signaling celebration and excitement; appropriate to the celebratory fever as Sunway Lagoon hits twenty year olds this year!

For more information, call 03.5639 0000, visit www.sunwaylagoon.com or connect www.facebook.com/sunwaylagoonMsia.


Source: The Expat November 2012

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