GIS Students "Among the World’s Best"

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For a school with a long tradition of academic excellence, the students of Garden International School (GIS) that graduated in July 2012 have done themselves proud. In both the A level (preuniversity qualification) and in the IGCSE (Year 11) results, students demonstrated the outcomes of an education which focuses on adding value to each student.

These results have enabled the students graduating from GIS to gain entry to the top universities around the world and19% were accepted by the top 10 universities in the world, while 45% entered universities in the top 50 institutions worldwide(according to QTS World University rankings). An incredible 95% were accepted by their 1st or 2nd choice university.

“These outstanding results are testament to the abilities and dedication not only of our students but also a highly committed staff. The care and assistance provided by teachers within the formal classroom and in additional help outside of these times is first class. It is this belief in each individual to achieve all their dreams and helping them find those things about which they are passionate that makes the difference that leads to their being accepted by their university of choice”, said Stuart Walker, Principal at GIS.

Tan Jean Li (Law) and Puja Gulab Dowlani (Modern Languages) were accepted at Cambridge in their chosen subjects, while Kwek Kon Hoa (Chemistry) has taken up a place at Oxford. Three students were accepted at the London School of Economics, while another six took up offers from University College London in Architecture, Biomedical Science, Biochemical Engineering, Medicine, Linguistics, and Psychology.

At A level, 41 out of the 83 Year 13 students received three A* grades while at IGCSE level, 50 out of the 151 Year 11 students achieved at least ten A grades. These excellent results build on the impressive outcomes in the past few years. “These results arguably placed GIS as the best British-based curriculum school in Malaysia,” said Mr Walker.

The 12 students below achieved at least ten A* grades at IGCSE level:

Kang Yun Seok, Dhakshenya Dhinagaran, Lachlan Black, Grace Tan, Kathryn Wong, Siddharth Gupta, Joanne Leong, Sian Wilson, Kim Jae Yeon, Ravsimrat Chawla, Natasha Jewa, and Nicholas Doughty.

However, Mr Walker suggested that “what is most impressive is the notion of a “value added” education. The Year 13 students this year attained A level grades with a value added that would place GIS in the top 7% of all schools. This is the equivalent of an extra 0.4 grades in each subject. This makes an enormous difference when competing for top university places.”

A holistic education, so highly valued at GIS, is also an important factor in university deliberations. Today, grades are but one factor to be considered. Universities value prospective students’ involvement in sporting, artistic and community service endeavours. The opportunity for GIS students to engage in these activities is what also attracts universities to accepting GIS students. The implementation of the Student Vision and the GIS Diploma in the Sixth Form, along with a continued focus on academic excellence, will ensure that GIS students will continue to be considered as some of the world’s best by the universities of choice around the globe.

Mr Walker, who joined GIS in July as Principal, has had experience as the Executive Director of the United Nations International School in New York and Director of the United World Colleges in Canada.


“I have had students accepted to the top universities across the globe and the students at GIS are equal to the best that I have seen in my time. The school prepares them, not only for the transition into the university of their choice but also to be active, contributing individuals who lead in their communities”, said Mr Walker. “I am really excited to be part of such a vibrant and engaged learning community and look forward to working towards the best outcomes for each student in the school.”


This article was written by Marybeth Ramey for The Expat magazine.
Source: The Expat November 2012

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