The “Rojak” of People in Malaysia it an Interesting Place…

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Name: Maarten van Rijn
Home Country: the Netherlands
Industry/Job: Professional life coach and partner at Simply Enak
Marital Status: Married
Other Countries you have lived: Norway, Thailand

What brought you to Malaysia?
My wife is a Malaysian, and after spending some years in the Netherlands, she decided to drag me to Malaysia. That was over a year ago now.

How easily did you adapt to living in a new country?
If I could give one tip to anyone who’s planning to move to another country, it would be to try to find a sport or activity you enjoy. This has helped me a lot in in creating a group of friends and having a regular place to hang out at.

What are the three things you like most about living in Malaysia?
I like the rojak (mixture) of people that makes Malaysia an interesting and fun place to be. The food is great, and since it’s part of our company’s core, I have no choice but to love it! I also love the natural environment, especially the jungles.

What do you like to do at the weekend?
I enjoy hiking, doing some yoga, and catching up with friends over a good, homemade meal.

What would you like to change about Malaysia?
I would love to see Malaysians care for their environment more (for example by making an effort to save water, share a car, or build in more environmentally friendly ways). It would be great if Malaysians could embrace their multicultural society even more.

How long do you think you will stay?
As long as I have to. Right now it feels like I’m in the right place.

What do you miss most about your home country?
I miss the four seasons! The Malaysian heat and humidity gets to me sometimes. I love the cold of winter as much as I love the heat of summer, so the lack of variety can be tiresome.

What memory will you always treasure when you come to leave Malaysia?
I will always remember the amazing tropical setting of our wedding last year. The right location, the right people, and the right buzz made it a truly memorable moment.


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