Paintball Craving Captures Malaysia

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This post was written by Ashwen Parthiban

Will it hurt…? The question races through my mind as I slip into a sturdy, tattered vest. There is barely any time to think before I am ushered onto the playing field and into position. Crouching, I prop my marker atop a barrel, my breath palpable inside my mask. Of course it’s going to hurt! Even so, a wry smile creeps across my face as I realize: It just wouldn’t be fun without real pain; without real motivation to shoot someone or a real fear of being shot (the less enjoyable of the two options). I exhale deeply, my worries now cast aside. As I do so, a clear whistle rings out, followed instantly by the unmistakable thumping of pellets against the raw metal surface of my barricade. Adrenaline floods through my body, and I can’t hold back any longer. Taking one last breath, I dive into the foray…

Paintball has, over the past decade, grown to be one of the world’s most popular extreme sports. My recollection of playing paintball highlights just part of the emotional experience that one goes through. To put it simply, many players enjoy the excitement and action of a battle scenario; of shouting commands, running around like maniacs, and of course: diving in the mud (nothing more fun than dirt, right?). Add to that the more subtle aspects of tactics, companionship and cold-hard brutality towards your opponents, and you have a game that has endeared itself to thousands of people in Malaysia. Ever since it was first introduced here in 2000, paintball venues have been popping up all over the country. Also, there has been a profound increase in competitive teams and participation in international tournaments, with Langkawi hosting the Paintball World Cup Asia 2012.

Looking to catch some of the excitement? Here is a guide to some of the best places to go play paintball in Malaysia:

Xtion Paintball Park is one of the leading paintball centres in Malaysia. They frequently host tournaments, and also construct mobile fields around the country. They host special events and customized tournaments, and you can contact them at 03-8027 0658, or visit their website at xtionpaintball.wordpress.com.

The Malaysian Paintball Academy (MAPAAC) trains both new and experienced players, and caters for anyone who wishes to play the game. They are conveniently located along the Federal Highway, and you can find out more by calling 012 337 0775, or by visiting their website at my-npl.org/mapaac/

Paintball Tag introduced paintball into Malaysia in 2000, and they operate multiple facilities across the country. They run casual games as well as corporate events, and also frequently conduct night games. To find out more, call 03 2149 1837 or access their website at paintball-tag.com

Living outside the Klang Valley? Here are some places you may want to go to:

AOV Paintball Trading has a giant 6 acre field, and encourages large groups of players to join the fun. They offer packages targeted to both advanced and junior players, and also provide training. They are located in Johor Bahru, and you can make a booking online by going to aovpaintball.com.my. Alternatively, you can call them at 019 778 8996

Flashpoint Paintball Park has evolved to be a quality provider of paintball services, and they work closely with many official paintball associations. They have often produced multiple podium finishers in regional tournaments, and have been involved in international level events. Located in Bukit Katil Melaka, you can contact them by calling 013 278 2608, or by visiting flashpointpaintball.com.my.

PISA Paintball provides a fun experience at very modest prices (as low as RM20). Their fields focus on a Close Quarter Combat (CQC) style, and they also run night games. They are located in Penang, and you can contact them by calling 017-4770699, or by visiting their Facebook page at facebook.com/pisapaintball/info.


Meru Valley Paintball is also a provider of low-cost services (as low as RM50). Set in a forest, it is located in Ipoh. Bookings must be made 2 days in advance, and you can contact them by calling 0178731013, or by visiting their Facebook page at http://tinyurl.com/c6qm8e5.

If you are considering purchasing paintball equipment or other related products, here are some of the leading paintball retailers in Malaysia:

Napshot are the regional distributors of popular paintball products and brands. They strive to provide the best quality service both to beginners and experienced players, and also provide assistance for those wishing to set up their own paintball facilities. They have a showroom in Petaling Jaya, and you can contact them by calling 03 7710 3960, or by visiting napshotpaintball.com.

Skirmish are the largest wholesaler of paintball products in Asia, and are certified to sell markers of top-class brands. They are also available for consultancy when building a new paintball facility. You can visit their warehouse in Petaling Jaya, and contact them by calling 03 7722 5629 or by accessing their website at skirmish.com.my.

The prospect of a paintball game never fails to get one’s heart pumping, and you can be assured that while living in Malaysia, there’s always a new, thrilling, colourful adventure waiting for you.


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