Guinness Anchor Berhad Wants You to Drink Sensibly

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Guinness Anchor Berhad (GAB) recently launched a mobile application, Drink Sensibly (DS), to encourage people to drink wisely, while giving them access to information and resources which will come in handy while drinking.

The DS application is said to empower consumers to make the right choice when they drink.

There are altogether six features in this application:

1.    A Drinks Calculator: Helps one to keep track of standard drinks consumed
2.    MyTeksi: Enables one to book a cab through the mobile phone
3.    Dial an Angel: Connects one to their “angels”
4.    Dial a Cabbie: Provides a list of telephone numbers of cab providers across Malaysia
5.    DS Tips: Helps one to drink sensibly
6.    DS website: Direct link to DS website which provides a host of Drink Sensibly information
Drink Sensibly is a GAB initiated campaign launched in 2011. It is an integral part of GAB’s on-going programme to instill sensible drinking habits among employees, trade partners and consumers.

The campaign is based on understanding and knowing one’s limits with alcohol. It also aims to educate consumers on the nature and effects of alcohol, the importance of avoiding excessive consumption, and not drinking under the wrong circumstances such as drinking and driving.

For more information on the Drink Sensibly campaign, please visit

The new DS application can be downloaded for iPhones and Android phones. There is also a web-based lite version of the application available for Blackberry and feature phones.

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