Razi Gallery: The Largest Collection of Iranian Carpets in South East Asia

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(This post is brought to you by Razi Gallery)

IT IS A FACT established by centuries of popularity, hugely impressive statistics, and the aesthetic pleasure that is gained from touching and seeing one for yourself: Persian carpets are the best in the world.

Carpet weaving in Persia dates back to the years of Ancient Persia, and these creations were so much more than .oor coverings, forming an important part of the culture and traditions of the empire. Centres of carpet weaving sprang up all over the land, and each place became known for its own unique style, design, or material. Palaces were adorned with carpets, and though the passing years influenced the motifs used, Persian rugs always remained the benchmark of quality and style.

While Persia may have become Iran, the tradition of carpet weaving lives on, and Iranian carpets are still valued throughout the world. The country is the world’s largest exporter of handmade carpets, and produces three-quarters of the world’s total output.

As the popularity of Iranian carpets continues to surge, fakes have begun to circulate, with machine-made versions, often made elsewhere in the world, being advertised as Persian carpets and causing ill-informed customers to find themselves with something far inferior to the real thing.

And how the real thing is a charm to behold! A visit to Razi Gallery, located on Jalan Ampang very close to KL city centre, offers intrigued parties a chance to see, feel, and experience the splendour of true, handmade, Iranian carpets. For anyone keen to find something to add a touch of class and quality to their home, a trip to Razi Gallery could be fruitful indeed.

This carpet shop houses the largest collection of Iranian carpets in Southeast Asia, and the vast range of styles, colours, sizes, and “feels” available is quite astounding, ensuring that any customer – no matter their budget and inclination – can .nd just the right carpet for their home.

Wherever life takes you next, and whether your home in Malaysia is set to be permanent or not, a genuine Persian carpet is a wonderful investment for those who appreciate quality and style, who seek the best, and who want to fill their home – no matter which country it is in – with furnishings that brim with charm and beauty.


Razi Gallery, 1st Floor, The AmpWalk,
218 Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur;
03.2166 3775/6.



Source: The Expat January 2013

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