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(This post is brought to you by Hypoxi Studios)

INDULGING OVER THE CHRISTMAS and New Year period can leave you feeling a bit round and red-faced, much like Santa himself. If, after one too many puddings and glasses of bubbly, you’re .nding that the jeans are a little too tight, a stint at Hypoxi may be an effective solution to those waistline problems.

Founded by Dr. Norbert Egger in Salzburg, Austria, the Hypoxi method was borne out of his observances through his work as a sports scientist. After opening Austria’s .rst .tness and health studio for women in 1983, he noticed many women were unable to achieve effective weight loss in their “problem areas” (stomach, waist, buttocks, and thighs) despite intensive exercise and changes in diet. As a sports scientist, Dr. Norbert knew that fat is burnt by movement, primarily in regions where the tissue is best supplied with blood, and thus came up with the basis for the Hypoxi-Method.

By alternating pressure and effective exercise, Hypoxi has been clinically attested to effectively target fat burn and to improve overall health through better blood circulation. The combination of alternating pressure with easy walking and cycling exercises helps to achieve long-lasting body shaping on the “problem areas”. The Hypoxi-Method is different to slimming services in that it actually involves (shock and horror!) exercising in order to lose fat. “We do subscribe to the adage ‘no pain no gain’ here. Although those who are not gym junkies should not fear, as we employ easy walking or cycling routines to raise the pulse rate,” says Cindy Chew, Director of Hypoxi Malaysia. “We are really positioned in between the high-end slimming parlours and conventional aerobic gyms, hence, our prices are very affordable.”


Hypoxi has developed innovative treatment devices to target each problem area specifically.

The Trainer S120, a bicycle with a twist, combines three components effectively: high pressure, low pressure, and training. The computer-controlled alternation of high and low pressure takes place in a chamber that reaches up to the hips while sitting on the integrated bicycle ergo meter.This easy, 30 minute cycle focuses on the legs and buttocks and promotes vascular activity.

The Trainer L250 operates in a similar manner but with the body in a reclined position. This position comes as a relief to those with back problems and the upward pedalling movement assists in the draining of fluid from the legs.

The Vacunaut is particularly interesting, as it employs the ancient art of vacuum and compression therapy in one device to target the middle section of the body. Using a Hypoxi Pressure Suit with an integrated network of 122 high and low pressure chambers, training takes place on a treadmill or exercise bicycle, and focuses on the abdominal and hip area.

The studios also offer Hypoxi-Dermology, a training method for firming and rejuvenating the skin. Perched on a lounge chair in a Hypoxi HD Pressure Suit (complete with 400 active vacuum chambers), the process feels much like a massage by an octopus! .e high and low pressure technology ensures the elastic connective fibres of the skin work diligently to increase circulation and is actually quite a relaxing procedure, especially after a hard day’s work.


For optimal results, Hypoxi facilitates the application of exercise to the desired body areas in accordance with the person’s requirements. A modern computer control system comes up with a tailor-made package programme for each individual client. “The results are really quite astounding,” says Chew. “We had a 73-year-old grandmother come in. She had complained about numbness in her legs and arms, but by the end of the package she had lost 3.6kg and a whopping 15.7cm around her hip and thigh area. More importantly, she had lost the numbness in her hands and feet thanks to the improved overall blood circulation.” Chew does stress that clients should not solely rely on Hypoxi as the only method of weight loss. ‘’You need to make the commitment to improve your lifestyle by eating a balanced diet and exercising regularly,’’ Chew says.


Apart from making some lifestyle changes, other Hypoxi ‘’rules’’ include avoiding eating carbs or doing any cardio training two hours after a session, and eating a small, balanced dinner after 7pm. It is also recommended that Hypoxi users drink at least two litres of water per day, while limiting alcohol, sugar, fat, and caffeine intake.


Hypoxi studios are located in Plaza Damas, Sri Hartamas, and Jalan Telawi, Bangsar Baru. Visit www.hypoxistudio. my for more information.


Source: The Expat January 2013

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