Iskandar Beats Target

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Iskandar Region had a target of RM47 billion of investment in its first five years. It has exceeded that by 60%, reaching an impressive total of just under RM78 billion (US$26 billion). The Iskandar region looks to become a thriving modern metropolis in the years ahead.

The Iskandar Region has attracted a lot of interest from neighbouring Singapore, with some seeing it as a competitive threat to the island nation’s future and others seeing an opportunity from the increased investment. Many Singaporeans have purchased homes in some of the new property developments,
and some expats living in Singapore have decided to relocate to Iskandar and commute to Singapore each day. The Malaysian government has expressed an interest in even closer links with Singapore and established joint projects in the belief this will make the Iskandar-Singapore combination one that will benefit both countries.

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