Two Expats Robbed in Taxi in Mont Kiara

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On Saturday, 19 January 2013, a TEG employee advised us that two expat women were robbed in a Taxi in Mont Kiara.  

These two expats entered and sat in the taxi’s back seats in Mont Kiara.  Just minutes into the journey, the taxi driver stopped to pick up another passenger, a man who sat in the front seat.  

The taxi driver then drove to Segambut (a kampong (village) adjacent to Mont Kiara) and stopped the car with the doors forced locked.  The man sitting in the passenger seat turned around with a knife, and he also revealed he had a parang (a.k.a. machete).  He told the women to give him their mobile phones and wallets.  He searched their other belongings as well.   He returned the sim cards to the victims, a little bit of cash, and then requested them to exit the taxi.  Once they exited, the man and the taxi driver drove away.  The victims reported to the police that the taxi’s plate number was HWD 988.

This was a terrible and shocking experience for these two expats, but fortunately they were not harmed.  

The crime rate in Malaysia is reducing, however many crimes, particularly robberies, are still widely present.  We strongly advise people to stay alert of any suspicious activity when entering a taxi.    

When you enter a taxi, here are two safety tips to keep in mind:

  • Record the taxi’s registration number.  When you enter a taxi, the taxi’s registration number should be visible in the front.  If it isn’t, exit the taxi immediately.  Otherwise, record the registration number; write it down, enter it into your smartphone, or take a photo.  If it’s late at night, we recommend that you text the registration number to a friend.  
  • Exit the taxi immediately if a stranger also enters.  If a stranger ever enters your taxi during the journey, make sure to exit immediately.   

If you’ve had any experiences or can offer any safety tips, please comment below.  

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