The Best Care for Spine and Joint Problems

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(This post is brought to you by TAGS Spine and Joint Specialists)

Whether you chose to relocate to Penang, or are simply passing through, medical care may be a concern.There is no need to worry. Malaysia offers quality health care and service availability is not an issue. In this new section, we will discuss common ailments and available treatments.

As a savvy traveler, you likely packed a good first aid kit but you couldn’t forecast the sprained ankle, the lumbago, the sciatica, the neck pain, or the painful locked knee..!

Help is only a phone call away. Born out of the desire and perseverance of a group of chiropractors, orthopedists, and physiotherapists to provide Malaysian residents with a trusted service and facility to address their spine and joint concerns, TAGS Spine and Joint Specialists™ forms the first truly Integrated Family Physical Medicine Approach to spine and joint problems.

At TAGS Spine and Joint Specialists™, we combine four key elements:

  1. The skills and diagnostic expertise of Chiropractic.
  2. The hands on rehabilitation skills of Physiotherapy.
  3. The best technology the world has to offer to treat a wide range of conditions.
  4. An exclusive partnership with one of the most comprehensive healthcare products supplier.

Our approach to spine and joint problems has always been patient focused.We recognize that patients want to enjoy pain-free lives as well as maintain a high quality of life, without necessarily having to opt for surgery or procedures that don’t necessarily offer the most modern scientific of solutions. By providing non-drug, non-invasive treatments first, we are able to help more people. For the percentage of patients suffering from conditions that require invasive approaches or surgery, we have partnered with some of Malaysia’s top minimally invasive surgeons to provide minimally invasive surgery for the spine, and injections for other joints.

We recognize the importance of investing heavily in the highest and latest technologies as well as expertise to ensure that you receive only the best care available, not only by local standards, but also globally.

Our centers provide among others:

  • The only FDA and scientifically proven treatment for heel spur/ plantar fasciitis. (Dolorclast Extracorporeal Shockwave Therapy).
  • The world’s first and only dynamic soft bracing system for scoliosis. (SpineCor™ System).
  • The world’s best-customized osteoarthritis brace for the knee. (Unloader™ One brace).
  • Malaysia’s biggest corrective orthotics brand from Australia, Vasyli Medical® .
  • Proven spinal decompression therapy system for slipped discs. (Chattanooga DTS Therapy System).
  • Internationally accredited and trained Chiropractors.
  • Qualified and expertly trained Physiotherapists.
  • Myofascial release experts.
  • Access to the latest Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery (MISS) procedures.

We are always available to answer your questions.
Feel free to contact us. Enjoy the best that Penang has to offer.



Source: Penang International February 2013 -March 2013

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