When will Samsung Release and Launch the Galaxy S4 in Malaysia?

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On Thursday in New York City, Samsung released the latest model of its flagship smartphone – the Galaxy S4.  The S4 is the successor of the Galaxy S3, and it carries many of the same popular features plus some unique additions.  It was briefly revealed that the Samsung Galaxy S4’s first release date will be in April. 

However, the question begging everyone in Malaysia is, “When will the Samsung Galaxy S4 be released in Malaysia”?

Unfortunately, that’s insider information, which we don’t have the luxury to know and share.  However, we have taken a look at the historical release dates for the Samsung Galaxy models, which might give you some indication for when the Galaxy S4 will be released in Malaysia.


Malaysian Release Dates for Samsung Galaxy models:

  • Samsung Galaxy S1 Release Dates:

    • First Release Date in the World: 4 June 2010
    • Malaysian Release Date: 25 June 2010
  • Samsung Galaxy S2 Release Dates:

    • First Release Date in the World: 2 May 2011
    • Malaysian Release Date: 22 June 2011
  • Samsung Galaxy S3 Release Dates:

    • First Release Date in the World: 29 May 2012
    • Malaysian Release Date: 31 May 2012
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 Release Dates:

    • First Release Date in the World: April 2013
    • Malaysian Release:? ?

If history has anything to say about the future, we can say the Samsung Galaxy S4 should probably arrive in Malaysia in April or May 2013.  Fortunately, the most recent Galaxy smartphone, the S3, was released in Malaysia just a couple of days after the world's first release date.  So, hopefully, loayl fans won’t need to wait long.

Additionally, if it’s any consolation to the eager Samsung smartphone buyers, Apple iPhone buyers usually need to wait 1 to 3 months before it arrives in Malaysia.


So, besides the release date, you may want to know about some of the exciting changes with the Samsung Galaxy S4.  We've provided a snapshot of some of the phone's features.


Samsung Galaxy S4 Hardware

The Samsung Galaxy S4 phone looks fairly similar to the Galaxy S3.  Here are some key points about the physical product:

  • The Galaxy S4 is slightly thinner (7.99 mm depth)
  • The Galaxy S4 has a slightly larger screen, covering 5 inches.   This makes it one of the largest smartphone screens (iPhone 5 is 4 inches, HTC One is 4.7 inches, and Nokia Lumia is 4.5 inches).
  • The Galaxy S4 is made of polycarbonate .
  • The Galaxy S4 is offered in two colours: black and white.
  • The phone also has a powerful camera, comprising a 13 megapixel camera in the back and a 2 megapixel camera in the front. There is also a unique DualShot feature, which allows you take take a picture through the back and front camera at the same time and merge it into one photo.


Samsung Galaxy S4 Software

The Samsung Galaxy S4 boasts the latest Android Software, 4.2.2.  The phone not only has all the bells and whistles of the Android software, but also has some captivating Samsung-specific functions.  Some of these include:

  • Smart Scroll Feature: This lets you scroll web pages merely by tilting your phone.
  • Smart Pause: This plays and pauses video based on whether you’re looking at the screen. (I guess when you’re having dinner with a friend, you won’t have to worry about your friend disrupting your smartphone video watching experience. Too bad Samsung can't make that work the other way around!)
  • S Translate: This feature helps you translate your messages (email or mms) into one of nine different languages – either via text or voice recognition.  This could be useful for the multi-cultural city of Kuala Lumpur.
  • Plus: there are many more…


Samsung Galaxy S4 Introductory Video


Are you planning to buy the Samsung Galaxy S4?  How much do you think it will cost?  And why is the Galaxy S4 so much popular than the iPhone in Malaysia?  Post comments below.  No registration is required.

Photo credit: samsungtomorrow / / CC BY-NC-SA

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