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32 YouTube Channels You Should Check Out

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YouTube is the leading social video platform and it has a staggering amount of video content.    Many people still consider YouTube as the platform for amateur video, but there is a lot of professionally produced content hosted on this website.  Below we have outlined and categorized some YouTube Channels you should check out.


Tip: If you find any of these video channels particularly interesting, you can login to YouTube (if you have a Google account, such as gmail) and subscribe to the channels.  Then when you re-visit YouTube, you’ll see updates about these channels.  Additionally, you can also receive an e-newsletter, providing updates about these YouTube channels directly to your email inbox. 


General News Channels

  • AlJazeeraEnglish: Al Jazeera English’s YouTube channel is a great place for watching news about global current affairs.  Not only does this YouTube channel offer AlJazeera’s special programmes, but it also streams their regular 24 hour show.  You can watch the streaming show, just like you would be watching Al Jazeera on TV.
  • WSJDigitalNetwork: The WSJ Digital Network has a variety of short video clips, covering news, entertainment, sports, tech and more.  
  • RussiaTV: Russia TV is a global news channel, broadcast from both Moscow and Washington studios.  It is one of the most viewed news channels on YouTube.
  • ReutersTV: Reuters TV’s YouTube Channel reports some of the global current affairs and financial news.
  • AssociatedPress: The Associated Press is a major global news network that was founded in 1846.  It is a widely trusted, independent news and information channel.
  • TheNewYorkTimes: Similar to WSJ Digital Network, The New York Times offers daily, short videos from its producers and editors.
  • TheYoungTurks: This is an online-only news channel.  It’s has a key focus on political commentary.
  • National Geographic: National Geographic offers some intriguing videos about our planet earth.
  • BBCEarth: With over 214,000 subscribers, BBC Earth is a popular place to learn deep insights about the natural world. 


Educational Channels

  • KhanAcademy: Khan Academy provides world-class education to anyone, anywhere.  This channel has videos on a range of academic topics, which are explained through a drawing board and taught in a conversational way.  Khan Academy has grown rapidly during the past couple of years and is certainly worth checking out.
  • Howcast: Howcast empowers people with engaging, useful how-to videos.  Experts provide how to guides for a wide variety of topics, such as makeup tutorials, hairstyles, football tricks, skateboarding, kissing, and much more.
  • eHow: eHow also has a variety of how-to videos.
  • TedTalksDirector: In case you haven’t heard of Ted Talks, they host experts from all sorts of professions, presenting some of the most amazing insights and innovations occurring across the globe.
  • PBSIdeaChannel: This channel has a variety of videos helping explain pop culture, technology and art.
  • HousehouldHacker: Household Hacker has a variety of videos about life hacks, science, pranks, and gaming. 
  • MinutePhysics: Did you dread your physics class or love it? Either way, this channel should help get you interested. This channel has cool, educational videos related to physics and other science. 


Comedy Channels

  • TheOnion: If you like satire, comedy, and news, make a visit to The Onion.  It’s basically a fake news site.
  • CollegeHumour:   College Humour is a place with a lot of ridiculous video sketches, animations, music videos, web series, and more. 
  • BadLipReading: The Bad Lip Reading YouTube channel takes famous video scenes (from Hollywood movies, sports event and more) and then replaces the verbal communications with outrageous dubbing.   Surprisingly, the dubbing matches the mouth movements very will – you’ll easily begin to think the actual person in the video is saying the words you hear. 


Tech Channels

  • CNETTV: CNET TV provides tech news, reviews, and how-to guides all related to technology.
  • TheVerge: The Verge covers technology a the intersection of science, art and culture.
  • Mashable: Mashable covers technology and news for the connected generation.


Extreme Sports Channels

  • RedBull: Yes, Red Bull is a drink, but they brilliantly brand their product through thrilling media content, such as extreme sports.  Red Bull’s YouTube channel has many awesome videos comprising extreme sports.   For example, Red Bull sponsored Felix Baumgartner’s jump from space last year (2012).  That’s an unbelievable video, which begins with Baumgartner looking down at the world from space.  He then skydives more than 125,000 feet (~38,625 metres)!
  • XtremeVideo: The Xtreme Video channel also features some video of extreme sports and should leave you thoroughly impressed.


Motoring Channels

  • MotorTrend: This channel focuses on covering the automotive industry, specifically new cars, muscle cars, motorcycles, automotive news, and more.
  • Drive: This channel explores various aspect of the car industry including, races, factories, studies – trying to cover destinations that motoring enthusiasts would love to go. 



YouTube’s Own Channels

  • YouTube: This official YouTube channel has some interesting info about YouTube and great highlights about popular videos on YouTube.
  • YouTube Rewind 2012: Want to know what were the most popular videos, people, and events in 2012?  YouTube summarizes this nicely in the Rewind 2012 channel.
  • YouTube Trends: This YouTube channel provides daily insights about the latest video trends on YouTube.
  • YouTube Disco: YouTube Disco allows you to create automatic playlists with your favorite artist or song.  For example, if you like the rock band Radiohead, you can enter that name and YouTube Disco will create a playlist comprising dozens of songs by Radiohead on YouTube, which you can then directly play. 
  • Citizen Tube: This channel provides insights about what’s happening in YouTube News and Politics.
  • Music Tuesday on YouTube: This channel presents a weekly batch of assorted new music videos, premieres, exclusives, and engaging sounds. 


What are you favorite YouTube channels?  Suggest some by commenting below.  No registration is required.


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