Lahad Datu Updates: 15-20 March 2013

Below are updates on Lahad Datu from 15-20 March 2013


For the past one month, news portals have been buzzing with news of Lahad Datu. Along with the facts, there are many negative rumours circulating that Malaysia is at war. To clear things up, we have compiled a timeline of activities that has been happening since day one at Lahad Datu. This timeline will be updated as often as possible with facts from various valid news portals in Malaysia.

15 March, Malaysia’s Defence Minister, Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi announced that the security of Sabah’s coastline (1,400km) will be under the Joint Force Command of the Defence Ministry, with immediate effect. The Joint Force Command consists of all three services of the armed forces; navy, air force and army.

The Health Ministry said it will set up a 40-bed mobile-hospital to provide medical treatment for the armed forces and the people at Felda Sahabat in Lahad Datu. There will be six groups of medical practitioners making their way to Lahad Datu. They comprise of 44 medical personnel, specialist, paediatricians and psychiatrists.

The daughter of Jamalul Kiram III, Jacel Kiram, launched a Twitter account (@jacelkiram), to discuss the Lahad Datu intrusion.

16 March, The Philippine government is reportedly preparing criminal charges against the 36 Sulu intruders who were picked up from the waters off Tawi-Tawi for possession of illegal firearms.

The leader of the intruders, or the Royal Army of the Sultanate of Sulu, Agbimuddin Kiram, is reportedly back in Philippines. Based on intelligence reports, the police believe he is now in the southern Philippines, although most believe that he is still hiding in Sabah.

Eight foreign men were caught attempting to enter Sungai Bilis.  

17 March, two red zone areas, Kampung Tanduo and Sungai Nyamuk have been declared free of intruders. The Malaysian security forces had cleared and secured the area. However, those who have been evacuated will not return yet, as this depends on the situation in Tanjung Batu, Tanjung Labiana and Sungai Bilis.

20 March, Those arrested in links to the Lahad Datu intrusion are expected to be charged today. Apparently, the Lahad Datu district police headquarters will be used as a temporary Magistrates Court.

More armoured vehicles were deployed to Tanjung Batu to clear the area of armed intruders. These vehicles are said to give security forces better mobility and protection.


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