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Apple Tries to Remind Us Why the iPhone is the Best

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Since the announcement of the Samsung Galaxy S4, it appears Apple is trying to remind people why its smartphone is so great.  This subtle defense tactic is certainly interesting change when compared to the glowing aura that iPhone products emitted in the earlier years.

Two days after the Samsung Galaxy S4 was launched, Apple opened a webpage highlighting why the iPhone is the best.  The top of their page displays a vibrant picture of white iPhones lined in a row and then the page succinctly tells the benefits of the iPhone.  Here are the keypoints:

  • iPhone has received 9 consecutive straight J.D. Power and Associates awards for customer satisfaction.
  • iPhone has considered every detail of the phone’s design.
  • Only the iPhone has the retina display.
  • iPhone has a lot of battery life packed into a thin phone.
  • It has the A6 Chip, which is “powerful but not power hungry”.
  • iPhone gives you ultrafast wireless connectivity and LTE (unfortunately, we in Malaysia don’t fully have the LTE benefit), which is supposed to offer remarkably faster internet speed.
  • iPhone has the “World’s Most Popular Camera”.  They reference Flickr to support this.
  • iPhone is a powerful entertainment device, offering applications (800,000+), movies, music, and TV shows.
  • iPhone has the iOS operating system.
  • iPhone has Siri, the voice command application.
  • iPhone has iCloud to save your content in the cloud and make it accessible to your other devices.
  • iPhone comes with support form real people who are incredibly knowledgable about Apple products (unfortunately, there are no “real” Apple stores in Malaysia.

To complement this web page, Apple just blasted a solo email today (26 March 2013) to some of their customers in Asia (i.e. the email came from [email protected].com).  I suppose this is another pre-emptive persuasion tactic before the Galaxy S4 is released for sale in the marketplace.

Apple’s message in the solo email is similar to their webpage but includes some minor adjustments, such as:

  • The solo email doesn’t mention the LTE, but their is similar point stating that the iPhone gives ultrafast wireless connectivity.  This makes sense since LTE compatibility is just starting to get adopted in Malasyia.
  • The solo email doesn’t mention the “real people support”.  This also makes sense since Apple’s people support factor in Malaysia isn’t nearly as strong as it is in the United States.


So, has Apple reminded you why the iPhone is the almighty smartphone?  Or do you follow another tribe, like Samsung, Blackberry, HTC?  Comment below.  No registration is required.



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