Top 5 Ways to Beat Stress

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As much as you try, stress is something that you can’t avoid.

You try your best to stay and think positive, but all it takes is a teeny tiny tense situation – be it a deadline at work or an argument with a loved one – to bring your stress levels up. And next thing you know, you’re cranky, you have a headache, you’re exhausted (from stressing), you can’t sleep and your friends start noticing a difference in you.  

Stress is definitely not something that one should shrug off. Severe stress can cause vomiting, excessive sweating, hair loss, a weak immune system, memory loss and even nose bleeds.

It’s not easy to stop yourself from getting stressed, but there are activities you can do to beat stress. So, before you start pulling your hair out, take a look at our top five ways to beat stress. These tips will help you get through life with a serene smile on your face.



You’ve heard it a thousand times, but couldn’t be bothered to try. Truth is, when you are stress, the last thing you want to do is hop on your treadmill. But all those advice you’ve heard and read about is true – exercise can definitely help combat stress. A short run in the park or on your treadmill is all you need to feel better as the exercise will spark a release of feel good endorphins. This is especially effective when you need to release some pent up anger. Try it just once to feel the effect.



If you think it’s a bore to exercise, than why not dance? Put on some club hits (unless you’re into ballet or jazz) and just dance. This is the best time to bring out all your secret moves (the ones you were too shy to do on the dance floor) since no one is watching. The sound of the beat and your body moving to the music will have you smiling in no time! If you want to join a class, zumba is all the rage right now and many have claimed that attending a zumba class is like going for a party. Remember; don’t worry about how you look because you are supposed to be having fun. Dance like nobody’s watching!




Here is another one you’ve heard a thousand times; yoga. First of all, yoga doesn’t have to be hard. No one is expecting you to do a head stand in your first session. Just sitting in a lotus position and practising some nifty breathing techniques can do wonders for your health and stress. Once you are more comfortable, then you can move on to something a little more complicated, like a sun salutation pose. Plus, it has been medically proven that yoga helps to diminish stress symptoms.



So simple, yet so effective, aromatherapy can also help to beat stress. A whiff of some calming fragrance is all it takes to melt away your stress. Burn a candle, some fragrant oil, take a bubble bath, or invest in some sweet smelling lotions. The best kind is citrus, vanilla, lavender, sandalwood and clary sage.



Yes, you read that right. Most of the time when you are stressed, the last thing you want to do is socialize. After a stressful day at work, the only thing you want to do is crash in front of the television and pig out on junk food. But a night out with your friends, a game of tennis, dinner and drinks, spending time with your loved ones can all help to combat your stress.  In fact, instead of looking forward to doing nothing on the weekend, why not plan an outing with your friends or take a cooking, dance (zumba is amazing!) or pottery class? And, if you have a pet, it’s a double bonus. Coming home to a dog/cat who behaves like he/she hasn’t seen you in years is the easiest way to put a smile on your face. How can you resist all that enthusiasm?

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