Fear Factor Malaysia

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Fancy sticking your hand into an aquarium filled with scorpions? How about eating a bowl full of worms or jumping of the second tallest building in Kuala Lumpur? Not to worry though, as you will be handsomely rewarded for carrying out these crazy antics. And that ladies and gentleman, is what Fear Factor is all about.

Fear Factor

Fear Factor started out as an American reality program with contestants having to perform stunts or dares. Fear Factor was adapted from a Dutch version called Now or Neverland. The show first aired in 2001 in America, and the world was instantly hooked.

The stunts were crazy and sometimes just plain ridiculous or dangerous, but watching the brave contestants perform each stunt as if their lives depended on it had everyone on the edge of their seats rooting for their favourite contestants. And there have been many times when we cringed or cried along with the contestants as they faced their fears of heights and creepy crawlies. It wasn’t long before the American version of the show inspired other countries to develop their own version, and this includes Malaysia.

Fear Factor Malaysia

In 2005, Fear Factor Malaysia was launched with Shamser Sidhu as host. Sidhu is a model, actor and presenter. The show was aired on NTV7 in November 2005. The thirteen episode show was a success. The grand prize was RM10, 000 in cash.

After the first season, the show went on a break for a bit before finally coming back in 2012 with a new format and a new host. The new format involved celebrities performing the stunts instead of the general public, and was called Fear Factor Selebriti (Malay for celebrity) Malaysia. The show was hosted by Malaysian actor, Aaron Aziz.

Fear Factor Selebriti Malaysia

Fear Factor Selebriti Malaysia involved 15 teams of 30 Malaysian celebrities. The thirteen episode series featured the teams completing two ridiculously challenging stunts per episode. Every single contestant was required to perform the task, those who didn’t – as in those who were too afraid – were eliminated.

Fear Factor Selebriti Malaysia aired live on Astro on the 29 of December, 2012. The final episode of the show was aired on 30 March, 2013. The winners of the nail-biting finale were local celebrities, Dazrin and Hairul Azreen.  Both are actors and models in Malaysia. They won a staggering amount of RM200 thousand.

We are not too sure if there will be a third season anytime soon, but judging from the response from audiences,  it won’t be long before Fear Factor Malaysia emerges for a third season.

For now, you can keep yourself updated by following them on their Facebook page  and on their official page on Astro’s website.  You can catch short clips of the show as well as interviews with the celebrities and host on their official page on Astro’s website.


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