Get 50GB of Online Storage for Free on Tresorit Until 20 May 2013

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If you’re a frequent user of Dropbox (now with Chinese and Malay language), you may want to check out Tresorit, which is an online storage product.

Even better, up to 20 May 2013, you can get 50 GB space (instead of the usual 5GB) and security for your important documents to be stored on the cloud.  That is a huge amount of space.  By comparison, Dropbox offers 2GB of free online space upon initial sign-up and Google Drive offers 5GB of free online space upon initial sign.  Tresorit’s special 50GB offer is available through LifeHacker’s article here.

Tresorit is so confident about their security, they’re publicly inviting hackers with a reward of $10,000 USD (RM30,375) to anyone who can compromise their system. Using the highest level of encryption (technically, with AES­256 with HMAC message authentication code applied on SHA­512 hashes and uploaded using TLS­protected channels), which in layman’s term means it’s really, really secure.

Breaking Hard

AES was created by two Belgian cryptologists, Vincent Rijmen and Joan Daemen, when the NIST (a branch of the US Government) held a contest to propose a stronger encryption system. It is now an international standard for securing online transactions and transmissions used by the private sector.

The US Government has been using this to secure their top secret documents since 10 years ago. You can try it out to see how it works on this website. While this will eventually be cracked when given enough time for computers to figure it out, it may well not happen in our lifetime.

Safe and Sound

All your files are secured with encryption on your computer before uploading to the cloud, which means even Tresorit has no access to them. So if you’re looking to store and share your files easily without anyone snooping about, this 50 GB storage space should be more than enough for you. Even if security isn’t your main concern, 50 GB free cloud storage may come in handy.

It’s currently only available for Windows, but they’re working diligently at providing the Mac and mobile versions.

Get the 50GB storage here by clicking this Tresorit 50 GB Link.

You can visit the Tresorit website here.

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