Is Superman the Man of Hope? Watch the Thrilling New Superman Movie Trailer

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The newest Superman trailer was just released a few days ago.  Various trailers and clips tied to this movie have been gradually released on the internet for the past few months, constantly spurring us to see more.  The most recent clip blasts action scenes, stunning visuals, and dramatic dialogue.  Additionally, the trailer clearly sets the new tone of this Superman movie.

The new Superman movie is called Man of Steel.  Notice the name Superman doesn’t appear in the movie title, similar to Christopher Nolan’s last two Batman movies (i.e. The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises).  Christopher Nolan is a producer of this Man of Steel movie,  and given his support, it is fair to assume this movie will present the super hero in a non-traditional form.

However, it doesn’t seem the tone of this movie will follow the dark steps of Nolan’s Batman trilogy.  Instead this Superman movie seems to focus on presenting Hope in an ocean of doubt.

Even at the end of the video trailer, there is a scene where the character Lois Lane asks Superman, “What does the S stand for?”  Superman replies, “It’s not an S. In my world, it means Hope”.

Lois Lane bounces back a reply, quickly contemplates, and then coyly counter suggests, “How about….Superman”.  However, we actually don’t hear her say the word “Superman”.  Instead, we only hear a splintered word resembling “Superman” because of an intentional sound obstruction.

Thus, we’re not left watching Superman.  We instead are watching a powerful individual offering the entire world an inspiring new sign of Hope.

Man of Steel will be released in Malaysian movie theatres on 13 June 2013.

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Thumbnail and Social Media Photo Credit:  JoeHart42 / / CC BY

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