Expat Interview: Bruce and Christine Luo

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Name: Bruce and Christine Luo
Home Country: China and Australia
Job/Industry: Education

What brought you to Malaysia?
We were job-hunted by one of the international schools in Kuala Lumpur and have now been here for almost three years.

What were your impressions of Malaysia before you moved here?
We didn’t have many impressions of Malaysia before we came, we just knew Malaysia was a country with a multicultural background.

How easily did you adapt to living in a new country?
Our main job experience was gained from working in Asian countries such as China and Singapore, so we were quite familiar with the general lifestyle, the people, and the cultural influences in Malaysia, making it easy to adapt.

What do you like about living in Malaysia?
If we are listing the things we like most about living in Malaysia, we definitely need to mention the living standard as compared to the cost; that is on the top of our list. The next thing is Malaysia’s easy accessibility to its regional neighbouring countries. The last thing would be the relatively moderate lifestyle speed as compared to other countries or cities such as Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Beijing, and Shanghai.

What would you like to change about Malaysia?
We wouldn’t want to change anything about Malaysia as we believe the historical, ethnical, cultural, and geographical essence of a country must be reserved and passed on to the future generations. That said,some areas that have been overlooked are the public transportation system, the various issues related to social and personal security, and the general openness and transparency of the country. If all this was reinforced, it would suit the needs of Malaysia’s inhabitants.

How long do you think you will stay?
We are planning a long-term stay in Malaysia.

What do you like to do at the weekend?
We like to go shopping, go to the park, and go out to eat.

Do you own property in Malaysia?
We don’t own property at the moment but we are planning to buy some.


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