Permanent Residency Easier For Some

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We still get regular enquires about obtaining PR (Permanent Residency) in Malaysia. First, those with questions should be aware that the visa does not give you a lot of rights. The key benefit is the right to come and go as you please and work freely in the country without the need for a work permit. The government reserves the right to revoke PR as they see fit. You cannot vote or become involved with any political party, and you are still bound by the rules applying to foreigners, including the minimum purchase price for property.

The criteria for qualifying for a PR visa are set out on the Immigration Department’s website, This only means you can apply and does not guarantee approval. The key ways to qualify are by placing at least US$2 million on fixed deposit in a Malaysian bank, being a world-class expert in your specific field of endeavour, or marrying a Malaysian. There is a point system set out on the website, and if you can reach the minimum number of points, you can apply.

We are told that applications are being processed faster these days and that people who meet the criteria are more likely to get approved than in the past, as the immigration department is taking a slightly more liberal interpretation. If you were turned down in the past and feel you qualify under the new rules, then you might wish to reapply.

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