This Tech and Space Efficient Apartment will Inspire You

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Space is something that is becoming elusive in this world and Malaysia is no exception to it. The price of property is also shooting up relentlessly. But what if you could still manage to own a tiny space at a prestigious address in Malaysia? The concern would then be using space to get the most out of it.

Graham Hill, the founder of and entrepreneur, has come up with an unbelievable apartment that packs eight rooms in just 420 square feet. Even though he is based in New York City, you could take a couple of tips from him and size up your apartment in Malaysia . Watch his video above.

A Look Inside Graham Hill’s Tech and Space Efficient Apartment

This  small apartment (one room + bathroom) can easily change into many types of rooms.  Here are some of the apartment’s amazing functions:

The Office

The office that Hill has built is quite simple. All you need to do is pull out a drawer that gives you a wireless keyboard and mouse. Stuck to the wall is an adjustable monitor and all the tech gadgets are hidden in the cabinet right next to the monitor. When you push the keyboard drawer back, it goes completely inside the wall, giving you all the space back.

The Bedroom

For the bedroom, all you need to do move the couch around a bit, and you have a full-size bed coming down from the wall, which instantly converts your living room to a bedroom. For audio visuals, you have a huge screen that can be pulled down from the roof, and right opposite to it, hidden in a tiny cabinet, is a projector and receiver. These gadgets literally convert the living room into a theater room.

The Guest Bedroom

You can also pull one entire wall into the living room, dividing the room in half, creating a guestroom on the other side. You can pull two beds out of the walls in the guestroom and cover it with screens for privacy.

The Bathroom


You also have a separate bathroom and a toilet. The bathroom has a nice acoustic sliding door to keep the sounds of the bathroom from entering the living space. The toilet can be instantly turned into a private room with the pull of a wooden platform that converts the toilet seat into a normal seat. You can use this room to have private conversations over phone or do other such things without others hearing you in the the apartment.

The Kitchen

The kitchen of this apartment is extremely efficient. When you pull under the kitchen table, you get a dining table, which can host around 10 guests at a time. The kitchen also has a built-in refrigerator, microwave/convection, and drawer dishwasher that uses just 2 gallons of water.

The house even has solar panels installed just outside the windows that let you charge your electronic gadgets. All the walls in the house are actually cabinets, which make storage space amazingly huge and all wires are hidden behind the walls. The apartment not only utilizes space brilliantly but also is very aesthetically designed.

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