Orang Asli Medicine May Improve General Health and Wellbeing

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A comprehensive study undertaken by FRIM (Forest Research Institute Malaysia) 6 years ago has found that 4 species of wild tree contain substances that could possess significant health benefits, particularly for diabetics.

The study, involving the 18 major Orang Asli Tribes found on the peninsular, uncovered the widespread use of these trees in indigenous medicinal practices. FRIM’s deputy director-general of operations Dr. Noraini Haron has stated that the details of the report remain confidential at this time, the reason being that the study has revealed a potentially large consumer market for the medicines which the Orang Asli tribes have mastered for centuries.  

"This research is geared towards the commercial use of 'jungle medicine' and the proceeds from it will later go back to the Orang Asli community, which is why we do not want to say much about it," Dr. Noraini said yesterday.
The application of traditional medicine has long been a source of controversy for medical establishments worldwide. However, the fact that FRIM is developing a prototype medicine that will be released this year, and seeking funding from the UN to achieve this, suggests that some of Malaysia’s tribal medicines might soon provide benefits for all.  

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Quote Source: The New Straits Times

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