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Malaysia is an attractive and tempting country for foreigners wishing to find work opportunities in Asia due to its rich culture and varied naturally beautiful landscapes. That being said, it isn’t always easy for expats wishing to find a job and migrate to this tropical paradise. Because of this, this article will discuss some of the few resources that individuals can start utilizing in order to maximize their chances of finding a job in Malaysia.

LinkedIn in Malaysia

One of the very first steps that job seekers can take is to put themselves on display out there in the professional industry. LinkedIn, a professional networking website that offers individuals the chance to showcase their resumes, talents, and ideas, is a website that has gained a ton of traction due to its ability to connect professional individuals in hopes of finding new and better career opportunities. According to, LinkedIn has announced that it has more than one million members in Malaysia since the launch of its Malay language site in 2011 and claims strong demand from companies such as AirAsia, Axiata, and Maybank for its talent solutions.

LinkedIn’s managing director for South-East Asia further claims that it “has become an avenue for Malaysian professionals to establish their online brand, gain insights, as well as find new business or career opportunities,”. Having an online presence on job websites such as LinkedIn would further help potential employers in determining if you are the right individual for the job. Similarly, LinkedIn’s Groups function should not be overlooked as it provides individuals with the ability to take part in discussions with numerous others in specific industries to further find chances of finding a job. Socializing, both online and off is a great way to establish new connections and networks that may lead to career opportunities or even fruitful friendships. On a side note, resumes should be up-to-date for an easier reference.


Jobstreet and Jobs DB in Malaysia

The second step is to begin taking action. Job seekers should approach companies and other businesses looking to hire new talent instead of passively waiting for offers, because showing an initiative also displays a willingness to undertake work. While the classifieds section in newspapers have traditionally been a go-to source for job seekers in the past, the Internet and its ability to be instantaneously updated is the primary source of information in today’s modern world.

Two great recruiting websites in Malaysia that offers such services are Jobstreet and JobsDB. Both these websites offer thousands of job offers from almost every industry imaginable and will probably be a recommended bet for anyone willing to look for a job. Furthermore, both websites also offer companion apps for most smartphones that might help individuals actively job hunt on the go. One of the key things in securing a job is to keep your options open and to apply for more than a dozen jobs at the time. Sending out your resumes to companies and other open vacancies might not guarantee you a job but it will nonetheless leave a lasting impression that might grant future job offers in Malaysia.


Monster Job Search in Malaysia

Unlike Jobstreet and JobsDB, Monster tries to go the extra mile by providing job seekers with a global job search functionality couples with a career section that provides different aspects of career advice that may or may not be useful to some. Additionally, a section called Monster College specifically targets young graduate students hoping to find a job, although it only provides careers in limited industries. While Monster does provide some career resources that differ from websites such as Jobstreet and JobsDB, it should be noted that it does not contain as many job listings as both of the aforementioned websites.

Relevant Recruitment Agencies in Malaysia

If the previous resources haven’t landed you a job yet, one might start to think about enlisting the aid of a recruitment agency. One example is All1KL and it’s a career development agency that is by and for expats. According to them, their mission is to assist job seekers in their market positioning and search by utilizing and sharing their networks in Malaysia. Agencies like these usually help individuals finding jobs by pairing them with their most suited job. One would usually need to meet with the agency in order to get better acquainted for skills assessment but in the case of All1KL, anyone interested in enlisting their services would have to join them and become a member in order to reap the benefits of their services. That being said, not all recruitment agencies operate on the same wavelength as All1KL. EPS Malaysia is another recruitment agency that offers free registration by emailing them your resume. Once an employer begins looking for talents, EPS scours their database in search of a perfect candidate that best suits that job description. Nevertheless, countless other recruitment agencies exist all over Malaysia and if one is not completely happy using this particular resource, I suggest revisiting previous attempts to find a job by actively searching for them as it often proves to be the most effective.

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