Great Road Trips in Malaysia

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Road trips are a fun way to travel and witness the various sights Malaysia has to offer. Choosing to travel by car out on the open road is a great chance for anyone wishing to explore this nation’s vast cultural heritage and natural splendours. It is easy to rent or purchase a car and most foreigners who live here opt for private transportation due to convenience, leisure, and general freedom. Those who choose to rent can find more information here.

What are some of the best places to visit by car in Malaysia? Well, how about some fun in the sun on a tropical island? What about taking a look into some of the unique wildlife this country has to offer at a park? Or, how about discovering some new experiences by visiting the different, and incomparable, states around the country? If any of these questions pique your curiosity, then all you need to do, is to rent a car (if you don’t have one already), pack your essentials, choose a destination, do some planning (use our map!) and take off on your Malaysian road trip in search of excitement!

Below are the various popular travel destinations that can be accessed by road. These destinations also offer a whole different list of side places and attractions to see along the way while driving cross-country. Those who chose to go on this road-fuelled adventure will get to examine Malaysia’s various unique tastes, sights and sounds.

As Kuala Lumpur is the most visited and populated city in Malaysia, it will be the starting point for every road trip destination we explore.

Here are 5 great road trips you can take from Kuala Lumpur:


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